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Mechanical engineer

Recruitment department: technical r&d department.

Position: mechanical engineer.

Job type: full-time.

Work experience: 1~3 years.

Work place: maanshan city, dang tu economic development zone.

Salary: negotiable (monthly salary)

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree in mechanical design and automation, 1~3 years of work experience;

2. Have a solid foundation of mechanical design, and will conduct check calculation;

3. Proficient in AutoCAD, ProE and other software, will use the corresponding software to do virtual assembly and dynamic simulation;

4. Familiar with the basic process of spare parts processing and familiar with various surface treatment techniques;

5. Experience in mechanical products and automation control product development is preferred;

6. Have good technical innovation ability, technical demand transformation ability, problem discovery and solving ability;

7. Comprehensive professional knowledge, able to independently carry out technical support;

8. Strong research spirit and teamwork spirit, have the ability to deal with problems.

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