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Detection means

  • R9d type CNC double spindle vertical machining center
    R9d type CNC double spind
    Adopt double spindle machining system, but at the same time processing two sets of rotary bearing. Mainly used for processing of medium-sized hole series rotary bearing specification, has the processing hole is apart from
  • Gear detection
    Gear detection
    Bygies system was used to measure and control gears and to evaluate the error of measurement results. The electronic developed gear detection center is a detection system consisting of four high precision coordinate a
  • Tri-coordinate detection
    Tri-coordinate detection
    Using "" sea, kang bridge three coordinates measuring instrument, with the high precision testing standards, complete a variety of sophisticated shapes and different sizes of slewing bearing 3 d measurement task, is the real
  • The physical and chemical test
    The physical and chemical
    Under the non-contact video optical extensometer, the whole force analysis is carried out to determine the strength and fracture characteristics of the material in the elastic and plastic range.
  • Metallographic inspection
    Metallographic inspection
    It is an important method to identify and analyze the internal structure of metal to ensure the structure of the material.
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