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May 2007 maanshan jingwei rotary support co., LTD.

In September, 2008, ma 'anshan "special new enterprise" decided.

In June 2012, I obtained the certificate of "anhui private science and technology enterprise".

In September 2012, the key laboratory of the worm rotary support was built in ma 'anshan city.

In January 2013, I obtained the AAA certificate of national standardized enterprise.

In April 2013, "double modulus secondary enveloping ring surface worm" was awarded the science and technology award in anhui province.

May 2013: "double modulus secondary enveloping ring surface worm gear" obtained ma on shan famous brand.

In May 2013, we passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

In August 2013, the research center for the engineering technology of worm wheel drive rotary support in ma 'anshan city was established.

In September 2013, I participated in the development of the first national standard of "rolling bearing, wind power generating set yaw and oar bearing".

In September 2013, the company was included in the national torch plan for the construction of 12,000 sets of worm rotary support production lines.

In October 2013, anhui university of technology was established as a cooperation base for industry-university-research cooperation.

In December 2013, ma anshan municipal enterprise technology center was recognized.

In January 2014, I obtained the certificate of famous brand products in anhui province.

Passed the ISO10012 measurement management system certification in March 2014.

In July 2014, the production base of rotary speed reducer was completed.

In December 2014, I was awarded the famous trademark certificate of anhui province and the title of ma anshan technology innovation demonstration enterprise.

In January 2015, the "enveloping ring surface worm gear rotary drive device" won the science and technology award in anhui province.

February 2015 was identified as "anhui enterprise technology center"

In September 2015, I participated in formulating the guidelines for the preparation of enterprise credit assessment report and the guidelines for the preparation of enterprise quality credit report.

In April 2016, the rotary drive product passed the eu CE certification.

In October 2016, I was awarded the title of "special new medium and small enterprise" in anhui province, and the review was approved by the national high-tech enterprise.

In December 2016, the product won the title of anhui famous brand.

In December 2016, we set up the cooperation base of the school of science and technology of China university of science and technology.

In January 2017, anhui worm wheel drive engineering technology research center was established.

In February 2017, I cooperated with the university of science and technology of China and anhui university of technology to build the "joint innovation center of photovoltaic technology" and "intelligent tracking technology engineering application research center".

In may, 2017, the product won the title of ma 'anshan brand.

In October 2017, it will build an automatic assembly line of 50,000 rotary reducers.

In January of 2018, China solar-thermal power plant developers supply qualification.

In February 2018, anhui province became the first batch of small and medium-sized enterprises of warehousing technology in 2018

In February 2018, "rotary drive device for radar", "rotary drive for emergency robot" and "rotary drive for biaxial tracking photovoltaic power generation" won the title of "high-tech product"

In April 2018, six inventions such as "one kind of large-scale insert plate rotary support" were authorized "utility model patent"

In June 2018, the company successfully introduced the world's top gear grinding machine of Gleason, USA and KAPP, Germany

In July 2018, it was successfully listed in the "specialized and special new board" of the equity custody trading center of anhui province

In October 2018, was identified as 2018 in anhui province enterprise intellectual property management specification pilot unit.

In December 2018, through the ISO14000 environmental management system, OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification

In December 2018, was awarded the title "the home of anhui provincial model worker"

In December 2018, "a kind of has rainproof function of photovoltaic power generation equipment" won national invention patent license

In March 2019, self-centering synchronous adjustment type machine tool fixture and fully automatic rotary bearing plastic machine won the title of "high-tech products"

In April 2019, completed dalad banner in Inner Mongolia 2 million kw photovoltaic application leading base one phase of the slewing reducer supporting projects