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Rotate at BAUMA support (3) the fabric on the stage

Release date:2019-04-16 Views:407

Global engineering machinery manufacturing, procurement, industry watches bauma 2019 in Munich, Germany international engineering machinery, local time, on 14th, ended its once every three years to show the world the essential construction machinery, show important mission in the future. Exhibition this year, although not as big as the domestic exhibition company of the team, but to keep a strong manufacturing strength, gain the attention, won the favor.

In the rolling ring "the count of drum music" BAUMA stage, "jinwei movement" hand in photograph reflect, from overseas merchants, heard the real clout, promising tells; See the exquisite technique, superior quality performance; Feel very determined to innovation, to develop the bold; Still remember the "fabric" sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win good voice. "Hear, see, feel, remember" - which is "spin" in BAUMA stage "jinwei bearing", to all the trade show will tour the generous gift.

BAUMA stage has also become the count of company absorbing nutrient rich land. In with different countries customers meet and in-depth exchanges, "jingwei people" to understand the international market dynamics and requirements; To inspect the quality of the overseas counterparts display products; Realize the production power of advanced manufacturing technology; Feel the prosperous and developed in Europe and the manufacturing, at the same time, also more build "jingwei" learning advanced, catch up with advanced firm faith, also better for the future in line with international standards and integrated into the "area" accumulated valuable experience.

Time went by, always inadvertently exhibition unfolds has quietly dropped, but fabric company will also continue to cross our own street and meet our new customers, may become permanent.