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Rotate at BAUMA support (one of) the fabric on the stage

Release date:2019-04-09 Views:192

Editor's note:

Has a reputation for "high quality and efficiency" for fabric company, over the years to follow international exhibition "borrow boat out to sea," push "to promote export exhibition to export promotion fame" overseas marketing strategy, make "jinwei bearing" often rotate in the exhibition arena, not only rotating and more shining in Europe, America and the Middle East market etc. On the world stage.

Starting today, we will follow the ongoing "BAUMA 2019 in Munich, Germany international engineering machinery", to "warp/weft bearing rotating at BAUMA stage", latitude and longitude are reported in pictures or words form the company situation.

Three years and one of the biggest and the most professional in Munich, Germany international BAUMA construction machinery (BAUMA), on April 8 in the new international exhibition center in Munich kicked off again. Jingwei company invited exhibition and exhibited at the same time a variety of rotary bearing products as well as the latest vertical rotary drive device. Opening day, have come from countries such as Russia, Britain, Turkey and Germany digital spirits to jingwei company booth exhibition negotiations.