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Jingwei company was awarded in 2018 "maanshan labor safeguard integrity a-class enterprise"

Release date:2018-10-23 Views:226

Recently, declare through enterprise, government censorship, assess, warp/weft company was awarded in 2018 "maanshan labor safeguard integrity a-class enterprise" title.

According to the maanshan city unit of choose and employ persons labor safeguard measures for implementation of law-abiding integrity level evaluation, unit of choose and employ persons comply with the human resources social security laws and regulations were divided into A, B, C three ratings, grade A is the best. Review involves "formulate internal rules and regulations of labor security of unit of choose and employ persons; Labor contract concludes, implementation situation; To participate in various social insurance and pay social insurance premium and 11 categories, such as paying worker pay "jingwei company won the 10 categories related to the entity enterprise evaluation of excellence.

Jingwei company since its establishment, in an effort to build science and technology, innovation, weft thread, the humanities fabric at the same time, the most emphasis is always around the laborer labor security problems, adhere to create credit. By the good faith management for many years, not only to eliminate the violation and the occurrence of labor disputes, but also build a staff team year after year, employee income grows steadily, and employees to positive mood, a good situation of harmonious and stable labor relations. Period, the company has also been municipal party committee, municipal government awarded the "harmonious labor relations enterprise" title.