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Across the ocean, from all over the world, "longitude and latitude" from the 2018 American

Release date:2018-09-28 Views:110

Recently, personally led by general manager shi-hong Yang jingwei company participating teams were invited to fly to ocean, walk into the southern city of Anaheim, California convention and exhibition center, attended the September 25 to 27 in the "2018" the international solar show, with "jingwei manufacture" for the guests from all over the world in a series "rotation drive".

The solar show is co-hosted by the American solar power association (SEPA) and the American solar industry association (SEIA). As a world-class professional exhibition, it is the perfect platform for acquiring the latest information of the global solar industry, seeking global business opportunities and entering the north American market. The exhibits and their sequence are: solar photovoltaic products, solar collector heating equipment, solar construction and engineering applications, and other solar applications. Jingwei company "high-tech products" photovoltaic power generation rotary drive device as the first series of exhibition.

In order to make the event a success and attract the overseas business opportunities to the greatest extent, jingwei company has long planned and prepared elaborate series of exhibits and promotional materials, and shipped to the United States a month in advance. 27 and 28, according to the Beijing time at the scene of the staff in the morning to send back the pictures and news: 9 square meters of standard booth, sharp propaganda poster in the center of the booth, the new product sample neat, deep and remote blue and silver hand in photograph reflect the horizontal, vertical and vertical lie one-piece series of rotation drive to show exhibits strewn at random have send was covered in a booth "fabric" logo. All sorts of show are neat and orderly, very marked, attracted the visitor from all quarters. In front of the reception desk, the cheerful merchants are happy to leave "ink treasure", looking forward to the follow-up to maintain contact; In the exhibition area, foreign businessmen from all over the world come and go, watching the products alternately, from which to explore the advantages; In the negotiation area, the guests and guests exchanged greetings, exchanged warm feelings and took a group photo. The whole exhibition area was immersed in a sincere, friendly and cooperative atmosphere. By the time of publication, the exhibition has been successfully concluded, during which we have received nearly 100 people from foreign countries in Europe, the United States, Asia and other countries and regions.