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Jingwei slewing ring co., LTD successfully landed on "special and special new board" in an

Release date:2018-08-31 Views:269

On August 30, the second batch of "professional and special new board" enterprises listing ceremony was held in hefei. Jingwei slewing ring and 197 "specialized and special new" enterprises from across the province successfully landed on "specialized and special new board" jointly built by the provincial economy and information technology commission and the provincial equity custody and exchange center, thus starting a new journey of capital market.

Anhui province's "specialized and special new board" was officially launched in 2017, aiming to support a number of new small and medium-sized enterprises that are specialized and special with fast development speed, strong innovation ability, high operation quality and good economic benefits to realize effective connection with finance and capital through regional equity market. Anhui province not only offers premium subsidies to the specialized new enterprises listed in the provincial equity custody trading center, but also provides comprehensive services integrating listing display, equity custody trading and investment and financing, which promotes the enterprises to the national stock transfer system, Shanghai and shenzhen stock exchange and other higher-level capital markets.

In October 2016, jingwei slewing ring was recognized by the provincial economic and information commission as "anhui province specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprise". After two years of in-depth promotion in the areas of specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty, the enterprise operation has been further expanded. This successful listing on the "specialized and special new board" will better promote the transformation of enterprises from indirect financing to direct financing, from traditional management mode to modern management system, and from extensive development to innovation-driven high-quality development.