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Gando jingwei company "a brick"---- jingwei company gear division, auto industry Tao Dan

Release date:2018-07-28 Views:109

Tao Dan

     Many people have heard the saying: "I am a revolutionary brick, where you need to move." This bold statement has inspired generations to obey the overall situation and work hard in the face of work needs. Tao Dan, a car worker in the gear division of jingwei company, is just such a "jingwei brick". He fights wherever there is a mission.

     In March 2018, Tao Dan, who came out of the mechanical family, entered the company with his love for the machinery industry and the skills he learned from his parents over the years. He was assigned to the position of CNC horizontal car in the production department and engaged in rotary support processing. In the following days, he quickly adapted himself to the new position with his own knowledge. Just as he was doing his best, he was suddenly informed in May of the same year that he was transferred to the newly established gear division to cooperate with the development and production of the planetary reducer project. At that time, this work was not only unfamiliar to Tao Dan, but also to the whole jingwei company. However, in order to speed up the industrial upgrading and enhance the development momentum of enterprises, the decision-making level of jingwei company has made an in-depth investigation, and finally determined to face up to the difficulties and fully develop this new product with broad market prospects. In order to complete the product research and development as soon as possible, the company decided to select a group of strong technical personnel from other departments to fill the research and development team. Therefore, Tao Dan was assigned to the gear division as a car worker due to his comprehensive operation skills. Although he knew that the workload and difficulty of work would increase after he left his previous familiar position, and his personal treatment might be affected to some extent, Tao Dan accepted the company's transfer without saying anything for the development of the company. As a relatively high-end core application product, planetary reducer involves many kinds of parts processing and relatively high precision requirements, which means that Tao dan has to implement different processing methods for different parts while precise operation. For this heavy task, Tao Dan did not prevaricate or shrink back, but like a brick, where needs are fulfilled. Working in the gear business department for only 3 months now, Tao Dan actively follows the leadership's arrangement and often works in different positions, using different equipment and skills to process various accessories. He operates 800 CNC vertical vehicle processing motor housing, wheel hub, gear ring, and also assists technicians to solve the technical problems of motor housing such as low gloss and surface shock marks. Operate 800 nc horizontal car processing level 1, level 2, level 3 planetary rack and end cover, complete gear ring and other types of tooling processing; It also operates the small CNC 6150 horizontal vehicle to process grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 planetary reduction gear, solar wheel and gear shaft, etc. The processing quality and precision all meet the standard technical requirements, thus successfully completing the company's delivery of various processing and production tasks, ensuring the smooth follow-up work. In June 2018, the planetary reducer will enter the final assembly and test stage, and Tao Dan will be temporarily transferred to the assembly team to participate in assembly and debugging. Faced with the new arrangement again, Tao Dan still chose to obey and meet the challenge as always, because he knew that it was not only the trust of the company, but also his responsibility. Therefore, on the one hand, he modestly learned assembly skills; on the other hand, he patiently cooperated with technicians to repeatedly assemble, disassemble, reassemble, disassemble and reassemble Together with technicians, I carefully checked and analyzed various faults and abnormal noises encountered in the test process, and also took the initiative to provide technical personnel with references and exchanges with my experience accumulated in early mechanical maintenance. In the middle of July, with the joint efforts of Tao Dan and other personnel, jingwei successfully installed the first 20-ton daily standard planetary reducer, which was tested with minimal noise and smooth operation.

     "I am a brick in warp and weft, where to move." Tao Dan adheres to such a spirit of giving up his ego and making outstanding contributions to his ordinary position, which has won unanimous praise from leaders and colleagues. The other day, he received a special award from the company.

(Above is Tao Dan operating CNC vertical lathe)

(Above is Tao Dan operating CNC horizontal lathe)

【Above, Tao Dan (first from right) works with technicians to debug the planetary reducer】

【Above is Tao Dan (right) receiving company awards】