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Win the exhibition summit, show the strength of longitude and latitude ---jingwei company participat

Release date:2018-07-21 Views:105

    With innovative products and solutions, and with a sense of determination and confidence, the elite team of marketing and technical personnel of jingwei company has gone abroad to participate in the international solar energy exhibition in Munich, Germany. This is the second time that jingwei company has been invited to participate in this event since the development of solar rotary drive products.

     As an international famous exhibition that has been successfully held for 25 years, the international solar energy exhibition Munich of Germany invites all famous enterprises in the international industry to attend the conference every time. The scale, class and influence of the exhibition summit of the solar energy industry can be regarded as the exhibition summit. This time jingwei company side by side with the international well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition, further highlights the company in the industry confidence and good position.

    The three-day exhibition has become a stage for jingwei company to show its comprehensive strength and also made jingwei company the target of public attention. Due to the long journey, only three types of rotary drive products have been brought to the exhibition by jingwei company. Although the quantity is small, the products are widely representative in terms of technology content, skilled technology and superior performance. At the same time, the on-site explanation of technical personnel and the solution to customers' satisfaction for customized products are also focused on showing the professional and reliable technical support ability of jingwei company. In addition, jingwei company carefully prepared publicity posters and product brochures, and from a variety of angles, an all-round publicity of the company's comprehensive strength and competitive advantages, providing customers with a comprehensive understanding of "jingwei" provide a detailed intuitive feeling, which aroused their keen interest. According to huang chuanping, the company's foreign trade director, she alone receives nearly 30 batches of visitors every day, which is overwhelming. Customers from Turkey, Germany, Spain and Argentina also hope that jingwei company can draw, quote and draw up the delivery date according to their technical requirements and technical parameters.