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The world's top gear grinding machine is located in warp and weft

Release date:2018-06-12 Views:313

June 8, with a full load of imported equipment of 40 tons load truck slowly into the, the world's top brand machine tools - American Gleason KAPP (Gleason), Germany (capa) gear grinding machine was officially settled in fabric company. After full preparation, the two machine tools entered the predetermined position smoothly on that day.

Gleason of the United States and KAPP group of Germany are world famous gear grinder manufacturers. The data shows, the grinding machine was born from the space shuttle, helicopters, next to ferrari, Mercedes, vw, container trucks and tractors, lawn mower, giant wind turbines, high precision gear on numerical control machine tool. Due to equipment in the leading position in the gear grinding industry and excellence, and thus become fabric company in the context of new series gear product development projects, key implementation of enterprises' annual output of 3000 sets of metro trains power truck transmission gearbox upgrade project "as well as the development and production of" planetary reducer "and other new products, to achieve industrial upgrading of important technical supporting.

For well completion of major scientific research, production tasks, warp/weft companies not only in project declare explicitly formulated the "introduced the most advanced standard production lines, with a high starting point, high standard meet the needs of a new generation of rail transit technology" planning outline, gear and equipment at the same time also sent company experts a good selection of research work in many ways, finally a huge sum of money has introduced the Gleason and KAPP, a full set of advanced equipment for the production of gear gear production technology to meet the industry leading level for fabric company laid a solid foundation.