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2018 photovoltaic grand meeting, jingwei company triumphantly return

Release date:2018-05-31 Views:170

   The 12th international solar pv exhibition of SNEC (2018) and solstice 30 of May 28 are held in Shanghai. After three days of exhibition, jingwei company is full of customers' keen attention and cooperation looking forward to a successful return.

    In the internationalization of the world's most influential display their strengths, specialized, large-scale pv event, warp/weft company not only sent by sales, research and development and production departments such as backbone of the team, still pour on the quality of the company independent research and development production JQ rotation drive all series products, including applicable to single shaft and single axle linkage, oblique uniaxial and biaxial and other kinds of photovoltaic (pv) of track horizontal, vertical and vertical lie one series of various specifications, 3 inches to 25 inches, combined with deep blues chassis, dazzle light roof, made the first day of the opening attracted hundreds of merchants home and abroad exhibition, Even some well-known rotary drive manufacturers have come to the booth. According to new energy department director of sales Chen Zhijin and warp/weft company director of foreign trade Huang Chuanping introduction, through the exhibition, and negotiate, with 13 domestic famous or well-known new energy company reached a preliminary cooperation intention, conclude a supply agreement with 2 companies, in addition to Asian and European countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Spain and the Middle East such as dubai, Jordan, photovoltaic merchants have also expressed the intention of cooperation.

    It is also known that in order to ensure the smooth delivery of the exhibition orders, jingwei company has arranged to increase the shift to full capacity production.