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Patent research and development company - the company has 6 invention patent authorization.

Release date:2018-04-25 Views:193

From February to April this year, the research and development of jingwei company is very exciting. "In February after a device measuring rotary bearing teeth dance" and "a synchronous adjustment type machine tool fixture" two inventions "utility model" patent authorized after April 13, and 6 inventions such authorized at the same time, for the first time in the history of company patent.

This 6 items in order to improve the production quality and efficiency as the goal, strive for perfection, independent research and development and technical personnel of intelligence Yu Dacheng patent results respectively: "a large set type rotary bearing", "a full size rotary bearing heat treatment equipment", "can make a small rotary bearing raceway intermediate frequency quenching h quenching sensors", "a large ring rough machining stamping molding die", "a kind of automatic rotary bearing roundness error measuring machine" and "a chuck double-position welding machine of workpiece rotary mechanism".

At this point, warp/weft company the first four months of this year the number of authorized patent has been declared close to accept 60%, has risen to 25 with all kinds of patents at the same time, the results of this patent is jingwei company production and operation plays a positive role.