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Jingwei company three products won the title of high-tech products in 2017

Release date:2018-02-06 Views:414

     Recently, from maanshan city technology bureau news: according to the relevant provisions of the anhui provincial high-tech products that, by the application, form review, expert review, the public, such as application, warp/weft three products conform to the conditions for recognition of the identified as high-tech products in 2017.

     The three products are: rotary actuator for radar, rotary drive for rescue robot, and dual-axis tracking photovoltaic power generation rotary drive device.

     According to zhuhai released technology bureau in 2017, according to the list of high-tech products this year, the city a total of 4 peer companies products or r&d projects through that jingwei company exclusive three yuan in the first place, and the selected products are all used in high-end field. At this point, warp/weft company has rotary bearing five new and high technology products, take the lead in the new rotary drive in this city high-tech products 3 items, marked the new high-tech product structure has been leading breakthrough, product development are getting towards a higher level.