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The festival was held in October, and the creation of weft was published in the party newspaper

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Write it in the front:

In recent years, jingwei company has been actively following the national development strategy, constantly implementing innovative projects, optimizing product structure, and has attracted extensive attention from the society and the media. 21, was held in the party's "19" victory, warp/weft company is one of the innovation of news media attention, again, the ma on shan daily on the party newspaper that is the inspiration of warp/weft company is motivation and challenge. All employees of the company are determined to continue to accelerate the pace of innovation and contribute to the grand blueprint of the "19th century"

Our city rotary speed reducer double speed assembly domestic leading.

Jingwei company independently designed and built "a line of 50,000" automatic assembly line.

This newspaper (reporter wu dawn correspondent) blue support, dark chain, straight guide, smooth runway, exquisite control, the shape of the stretch... With more than ten sets of 17 inch products received a online and follow the instructions for the first time running smoothly, the ma on shan warp/weft slewing bearing co., LTD., original design, annual output of 50000 sets of solar tracking rotary reducer times speed chain automated assembly lines after formally completed and put into use.

The integrating intelligent, precise and efficient automated production lines, fundamentally abandoned the human original assembly way, "a 50000" capacity not only to improve efficiency by more than 2 times transcend counterparts, more marks the company scientific research level, production technology mature gradually, are getting towards the industry front-end.

For production line will be completed the domestic leading, more press close to the market demand, the company on the one hand, hired won a national important invention patent mechanical automation experts, led by general design, internal transfer of smart power project technology group; On the other hand, it breaks the industry routine, and carries out in-depth technical reform on the core structure and design of the "roller type" production line widely adopted in the industry by virtue of the practical experience accumulated in the long term. After nearly three months of visit investigation, performance comparison and several discussion, finally to yourself can completed the current cover an area of an area small, fast, high assembly precision, linkage can be independently controlled, etc for each station is better than the "drum" new equipment production line.

According to warp/weft chief engineer cloud, this article 20 meters long, 5 meters wide, 0.8 meters high, effective working length of 16-20 meters, 28 bilateral set operating location, item load of up to 200 kg of production line, this year is jingwei company for further development of the innovation and development of new energy market and implement project. With hardware basis for the production line, the next step of the company will reduce the cost and slewing reducer using an innovative new materials, plan completed by the end of and by the national testing center to assess, once put into application, new material will bring slewing reducer products field of a new revolution.