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Jingwei company put into operation "a line of 50,000" capacity

Release date:2017-10-12 Views:224

Blue stents, swarthy chains, straight rails, smooth runways, delicate controls, and stretches.……

A few days ago, with nearly 20 17-inch products accessories for the first time in the online moving smoothly according to instructions, original design by jingwei company, annual output of 50000 sets of solar tracking rotary reducer "times speed chain automation assembly line" proclaimed to be built and put into operation. The integrating intelligent, precise and efficient automated production lines, fundamentally abandoned the traditional assembly method of human is given priority to, "a 50000" not only increase the production capacity increased by more than 2 times transcend counterparts, more marked the fabric company scientific research level, production technology is more mature and industry towards the front end.

This article 20 meters long, 5 meters wide, 0.8 meters high, the effective working length of 16-20 meters, 28 bilateral set operating location, item load of up to 200 kg of production line, is the fabric company for further development of the innovation and development of new energy market and implement project, condensed the valiant "jingwei" free-standing self-improvement, rushed to the daring and courage. In order to bring this completed the domestic leading production lines, more close to the market demand, warp/weft companies employ won a national important invention patent, a senior talent as a leading design, general and worked hard working technical personnel organization of project construction group, on the other hand, break the routine, based on the long-term accumulation of actual combat experience, for peer enterprises "drum" is generally used to production line core structure and the design innovation reform. Through nearly three months of visit investigation, technical comparison and several seminars, adjustment scheme, eventually to yourself can completed the current have cover an area of an area small, fast speed, high assembly efficiency, can be independently controlled for each station, and many other leading edge of the new production line, also highlights the "fabric" long-term experience and intelligence.

According to he yun, chief engineer of jingwei, the construction of this production line has laid a solid foundation for further innovation. Company will next to reduce cost and improve the slewing reducer performance on r&d of new material research, at present this work is under way, and is expected to be completed by the end of this year by the national testing center to assess, once the new material application, will certainly bring slewing reducer product areas a new revolution.