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The cost of a new type of material can be reduced by about 10%

Release date:2017-09-15 Views:235

Weft interview: the cost of a new type of material can be reduced by about 10%.

——The CSPPLAZA member unit roving investigation into ma on shan jingwei rotary support co. LTD.

Hair CSPPLAZA solar-thermal power grid dispatch: "double enveloping worm gear and worm vice gear bearing capacity is higher, even can meet the requirements of a high frequency of military radar, but from the perspective of value, the deputy single enveloping worm gear and worm reducer can satisfy the requirement of the solar-thermal power tracking accuracy, the market of double enveloping concept belongs to the marketing strategy, more truly applied double envelope reducer light thermal power station is definitely overkill, it can only increase the purchasing cost in vain, can't really help solar-thermal power generation cost cuts." Yang shihong, general manager of maanshan jingwei rotary support co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as jingwei) has made a "fresh" speech on the rotary speed reducer at a symposium.

(The picture shows Yang shihong's general manager asking questions.)

The symposium was held during the CSPPLAZA member's tour. On September 7, DiaoYanTuan into the thread turning, shi-hong Yang, general manager of the company, the chief engineer Wang Shujun cloud, deputy general manager, the new energy department director of sales Chen Zhijin received DiaoYanTuan line etc。

In addition to the above remarks, it is difficult to agree that the rotary speed reducer promoted by the light heat market for 25 years. Cloud that rotary reduction mechanism of free maintenance in the current build process is impossible to achieve, warp/weft rotary currently USES is a kind of graphene polymer nano alloy wear-resistant grease, even so, also want to regular maintenance, otherwise it will make its mechanical properties are affected. The promotion of no-maintenance in the market is just a marketing strategy at the moment.

(The picture shows the technical opinions of the chief engineer.)

There are three competitive advantages in the market outlook. 

The comments made the research group "fresh", and the statement was formally established in 2007 and entered the market in 2015.

Referring to enter the field of field, shi-hong Yang said, "the amount of slewing reducer in the thermal power plant is very large, to open up a broad market space, this is the main reason why we decided to enter this field.”

(The picture shows the forum.)

Compared with similar product suppliers, it is a little later than the time when the warp and weft turn into the hot market. However, he said that it is not too late to enter the warp and weft rotation because of its unique advantages in geography, manpower, technology, hardware and so on.

First, geographical advantage. Jingwei is located in the industrial town of ma on shan rotation, and with maanshan iron and steel group to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations, thanks to this, warp/weft rotary has unique advantages in terms of steel raw materials procurement.

Second, human strength. Compared with the manufacturers in jiangsu and zhejiang, the labor cost in ma on shan area is lower. At the same time, ma on shan area the worker skill level whole is higher.

Third, more complete reducer production equipment. Unlike other rotary reducer enterprises, which are mainly composed of component assembly, the warp and weft rotation has the most parts production and processing capacity of the rotary reducer. In fact, the technical content and quality control of the product is in the manufacture of parts, not the assembly, he said. We can better control the production process and quality of the parts, which is an advantage that other reducer enterprises can not have.

Research in the workshop, see DiaoYanTuan line, warp/weft rotary production equipment including CNC gantry drilling and milling machining center, CNC vertical machining center, CNC horizontal lathe, CNC drilling and milling machining center, CNC gear shaping machine tool, CNC roll teeth, tooth surface quenching machine, roller quenching machine tool and tilting moment test rig and represented by three coordinates detector of the physical and chemical testing equipment, etc.

(The picture shows the workshop)

Shi-hong Yang said that in order to further meet the needs of market of field, the end of this month, an annual production capacity of 50000 sets of slewing reducer automatic assembly line equipment, will be the arrival of the goods can be put into production next month.

Cost reduction is the first direction material innovation is the main way out. 

For cost reduction slewing reducer, shi-hong Yang said, "the traditional slewing reducer manufacturing use of raw materials, structural design have been cured, it's hard to reduce cost, and the current raw material price trend, the casting industry also increasingly strict regulation by the environmental protection level, these are the reasons why reducer cost is hard to fall. But the cost has to come down, that's what the market needs, so how do you lower it? We believe that it is only through the selection of raw materials that the reduction in the cost of reducer can be realized.

Cloud added to this, "based on the perspective of the solar-thermal power generation industry, to make the slewing reducer products a substantial drop in production costs, further help decrease the purchasing cost of thermal power plant, the only way out and the direction is to find a new alternative materials, to ensure the same mechanical properties at the same time, the whole weight of the products and materials costs have been falling, at the same time reduce the processing cost, finally realizes the costs significantly reduced."

To this end, warp/weft back in June this year to start developing the new material research, is now complete material selection, positioning to the two kinds of new materials, now it is working on the mechanical properties, is expected to be completed by the end of this year. It will then be sent to a national test center for evaluation and then a six-month trial. "If the r&d is completed on time, it is expected to reduce the cost of the traditional rotary reducer by about 10 per cent." "He said.

Asked what the new material is, Yang said that it is currently in the development stage and is not easily disclosed.

From the perspective of raw materials to radically reduce the cost of slewing reducer, the direction is correct, if fabric to achieve substantial breakthrough in turn in that direction, to some new materials to replace the traditional steel, will inevitably bring slewing reducer products field a revolution.

As a member of the CSPPLAZA platform, Yang shihong accepted the plaque of the member unit issued by the editor of CSPPLAZA in this research activity.