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The "rotary support" of jingwei brand is once again "anhui famous brand"

Release date:2017-09-11 Views:189

On the morning of September 7, the conference room of jingwei rotary support co., LTD. Was filled with jubilation and a burst of congratulations. Personnel at the scene of a warm applause, warp/weft shi-hong Yang, the general manager of our company is pleased to solemnly took from DangTu market regulatory authority leadership "of 2015-2016 in anhui province famous brand product" certificate and "brand-name products in 2016, ma on shan" plaque. This is from 2013, 2014, after the brand name, the jingwei brand of flowers bloom again.

Jingwei company once again have "triennial" of the provincial, city famous brand, not only benefit from improved quality, speed up innovation, expand the market, perfect service and promotion and so on a series of specific measures, more benefit from the implementation of brand strategy, persistently to have continuous harvest of today. Since factory, warp/weft company is always the pursuit of famous brand as the enterprise development, insist on building rules and regulations on brand strategic objectives through, step by step, the implementation of a set of effective pieces of ISO quality management system and innovative engineering and brand promotion plan all together, so that the fabric rotary bearing not only increases significantly, the quality increase year by year, market popularity and sales also rated among similar products. Anhui famous brand products in 2013, 2014 ma on shan brand, in recent years and there was a "efficient prevent broken tooth rotary bearing" and so on four products have won the award for the "high-tech products", several new through improved new patent products widely recognized by industry and market, number of new buyers, has become a "knower, excellent quality, to produce, call to ring" of one of the main products.

This year, the company built in the provincial "worm gear drive engineering technology research center", on the basis of in positive declaration "standardized demonstration enterprise of industry and information technology industry in anhui province", "anhui province technology innovation demonstration enterprise" and "innovation management in anhui province demonstration enterprise" and "warp/weft - ustc manufacturing joint innovation center in anhui province", the rotation drive, intelligent track support such as photovoltaic products is also in the comprehensive promotion of field, as a result, warp/weft company a new round of brand construction is continuing to push deeper.