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"Warp and weft support" into ma on shan daily

Release date:2017-07-26 Views:172

China's first agricultural light complementary new photovoltaic power station

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wu Liming correspondent LeiHui) recently, the domestic first "farmers light complementary" new "two-axis tracking photovoltaic power station" jingwei company research and development in DangTu economic development zone is built. The "green dream" project, which is based on the "smart tracking support" of jingwei company, has been tested by experts to meet the design requirements. Soon after, it will move to the hubei xiantao agricultural planting base, and stand in the field to demonstrate the application.

"Farmers light complementary" new "two-axis tracking photovoltaic power station" is jingwei company and China university of science and technology in response to the country's new energy development strategy implementation of one of the many scientific research cooperation projects, designed and built by both parties. Plant mainly adopts the count of company exclusive rights to produce a new generation of intelligent tracking stents and developed USTC concentrated new material "fee Nell" half toughened resin coated surface glass assembly and become, characteristic and the superiority is do not need large area covers an area of and can quickly build, in clean energy output at the same time, still can rise to light regulatory role for the growth of crops.

At the beginning of this year, the joint innovation center of "industry-university-research cooperation base" and "photo-thermal photovoltaic field" were established by the cooperation of the economic and technological cooperation and University of Science and Technology of China, and the development of the project included the establishment of a new demonstration base for photovoltaic agriculture. To achieve this goal, each manager shi, warp/weft launched cooperation strength in addition to advanced CNC production capacity, professional scientific research team, and have the core competitiveness and completely independent intellectual property rights of photovoltaic tracking series products, which are professionals and the mainstream media evaluation with "subversive" "jinwei series intelligent tracing support" become the biggest bright spot, because it has a fast response, light weight, strong wind, convenient installation, network frame and beyond its significant advantages, such as power system separation for floor, caigang watts roof, land and other all terrain matching, application scope is widespread, so not only was highly recognized by customers both at home and abroad, also deeply moved by the well informed of the ustc pv experts, inspire their strong desire to cooperate and unique creative ideas, so now the design and application was born on a unique new photovoltaic power station.

According to to assist the ustc of the power station construction technicians wen-jun liu introduction, promotion plan according to both sides, field demonstration application fields, a small scale thermal power plant to mature to run after the promotion to the nation. This is a major demonstration project of unique creativity and scientific and technological wisdom. (from ma on shan daily)