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Chen bin of jingwei company ranks in the final of the municipal professional skill competition.

Release date:2017-07-22 Views:309

Recently, the 7th vocational skill competition in maanshan city fell curtain in the city technician college. After the preliminary contest, Chen bin of jingwei company participated in the "rail transit equipment manufacturing" special professional skills final final.

It is reported that this professional skill competition is organized by nine units, such as ma anshan talent office, people's social bureau, finance bureau, general trade union, etc., and is organized by ma on shan technician college and municipal personnel examination center. The city a total of 14 teams participating teams from 88 enterprises and institutions in the city of 409 contestants, the oldest contestant 55 years old, smallest 18 years old, is the most, maanshan successive skills contest contestants participating represent one of the most widely. "Rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry" the special vocational skills competition is the maanshan city in view of the strategic emerging industry development and competition of the new project, through theoretical knowledge competition and technology combination, the referee, Chen and other 19 players to stand out in the project mechanical fitter expertise finals.

It is also known that in November ma 'anshan will hold a competition to conclude the conference, and commend the winners and the units. The winners will be awarded honorary titles, promotion professional qualifications and material rewards. The final results are now being judged.