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This summer, joint inspections are under way

Release date:2017-06-27 Views:288

In order to ensure the security of high temperature and time of production, control energy consumption, warp/weft recently the company decided to organize production, insurance, trade unions, business administration, etc six departments jointly carry out safety production and saving energy and reducing consumption big summer inspection activities. On the morning of June 27, the general manager personally chaired the activity leading group to hold the mobilization meeting for this purpose, and the relevant work was deployed (pictured at the scene of the rally).

According to the activity plan, the major inspection is divided into four stages: self-check, self-correction, company inspection, order rectification and rectification review. The key inspection items include: safety fire prevention, site order, labor protection and wear, operating rules, equipment maintenance, energy use and heat protection. The whole activity starts from July 1 and ends on July 31.

Meeting request, our workshop, department, and the activity leading group members to in the spirit of highly responsible to the enterprise and employees to pay attention to and cooperate with the inspection activities, in accordance with the various phases of the implementation plan made solid progress, ensure the activity carries on smoothly. At the same time, we hope that all employees will take this opportunity to continuously enhance their self-management awareness and make new achievements in the work of safe production and energy saving and consumption reduction.