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Jingwei company "tracking rotary speed reducer" yesterday set foot on the journey to jin

Release date:2017-06-21 Views:252

On June 20, in the afternoon, a full fabric "bear" brand quality tracking slewing reducer of large trucks from jingwei company, directly to a photovoltaic power station construction in shanxi base, transport issue orders nearly 300 sets of products, take the photovoltaic leader plans to cope with the plant "630" grid for building security.

The pv leader plan is a state-sponsored special plan for photovoltaic support, which is implemented through the construction of advanced technology photovoltaic power generation demonstration base and new technology application demonstration project. Since its launch in 2015, the company has been closely watching and exploring the market, and the third year of its implementation has come to light. According to the photovoltaic leader plan, 30 June each year for the new power grid node, to seize fleeting opportunity, warp/weft company from receiving the slewing reducer orders started a new energy science and technology company, try my best to production, and through the acceptance of delivery issue of products on schedule.

It is reported that the order of this batch of rotary reducer is nearly 1000, installment delivery. At present, the late orders are in production.