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Six employees have been awarded the 10th anniversary of "jingwei"

Release date:2017-05-09 Views:309

Through the recommendation of grassroots democracy, the leading group of the selection activities of jingwei company decided to give cao yu bin and six other comrades the title of "jingwei pace-man" for the 10th anniversary of the company. These six employees are all outstanding representatives on the company's various fronts for a long time. For many years, they have worked hard and worked hard to make outstanding contributions to the company's ten-year development.

Cao yu bin, "jingwei pacer".

Five years as the company's pilot, more than 5,000 cars, 300,000 kilometers, no responsible traffic accident. Vehicle maintenance, meticulous; The vehicle is clean, leaving no dead Angle; Working day after day, he was respected as "master cao".

Zhang Chen, "jingwei pace-setter".

Equipment security department maintenance fitter. Willing to eat bitterness, to study is his characteristic. The ordinary performance of the post is not trivial, equipment installation, long distance disassembly, overtime debugging, and again, more difficult, more difficult, the figure is often in, the energy is not reduced, is the company equipment maintenance backbone.

"Warp and weft" kong yufeng.

Entered the company in 2007, quality department inspector. As the company's patriarch, she knows the importance of product quality to the enterprise, so she is meticulous, dutiful and willing to take the responsibility, with diligence and skill to make every product out of the factory.

The "warp and weft" rule.

Joined in 2008, heat treatment work. The rich experience of the enterprise has made him unshakable, willing to devote, and the good character of the enterprise. Long-term night shift, overtime, overtime work, 12 hours has become the normal work, attendance rate has always been at the forefront of the company.

Shang xiang is the "warp and weft".

Enter the company to give the impression, talk not much, the disposition is introverted. But working as a lathe operator is a good one. He is able to do the difficult work, he does not do the things he CARES about, he does not flinch when working overtime, and it is his job to complete the task.

Yang chenghao.

Five years of work experience, from a drilling machine to a small apprentice to the technology of a comprehensive and top-notch drill class monitor. The whole class, led by him, did not leave any residue after the day. Temporary duty, must all the staff commando, follow the production schedule without complaint.