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Celebrate the tenth anniversary of the fabric company commendation congress is held ceremoniously

Release date:2017-05-09 Views:364

On the morning of May 6, the sun was shining brightly. The Yangtze river international hotel is crowded with lights. Large LCD screen with the red background, "celebrate the tenth anniversary of the ma on shan jinwei slewing bearing co., LTD warp/weft pacesetter commendation congress" dazzling golden Chinese characters, can accommodate hundreds of guests in the golden hall was packed. Shi-hong Yang jingwei company general manager, deputy general manager Yao Ran strong, Zhang Yuyuan, Wang Shujun professor Cheng Jigao advanced technology, China university of science and technology research institute and anhui university of technology, professor, school of mechanical, xuancheng industrial technology research institute, xuan city technology bureau deputy director Mr Chong-zhi song on stage respectively, from the domestic more than 30 special guest and warp/weft company more than 200 people attended the commendation congress to celebrate.

At 9:30, the host, wang shujun, announced the opening of the conference. All rise, the assembly in the majestic national anthem. Subsequently, wang shujun first made a speech, and briefly reviewed the development experience and innovation achievements of jingwei company over the past ten years. At the meeting, general manager Yang shihong read out the "jingwei pace-setter" recognition decision. In the cheerful melody, cao Yu Bin, Zhang Chen, Kong Yufeng, Yang Chenghao, ShangXiang and governing the country's six won recognition of personnel, the rostrum in turn receive the certificate and bonus from the leadership, respectively, and took a picture with ribbons, Zhang Chen made their acceptance speech on behalf of the winners.

After the ceremony, deputy general manager Yao Ran strong, guests on behalf of Mr Yang jun, Mr Zhou Zhengquan and professor chong-zhi song has delivered a warm speech, latitude and longitude of warm congratulations, on the tenth anniversary of its establishment, the company to give high hope to the win-win cooperation.

Before the end of the conference, general manager Yang shihong delivered an important speech. He first on behalf of the fabric to the guests arrival, a warm welcome and express tribute to "warp/weft pacesetter", to all the staff for a long time hard work, to the leaders and friends from all walks of life and long-term care and support cooperation unit said the most heartfelt thanks!

In his subsequent speech, Yang recalled the extraordinary path of the ten years' development of jingwei company. Warp/weft, he says, the company since was established in May 2007, has experienced start-ups, arduous hardships and rapid development of three important period, from the first set of warp/weft rotary bearing was born to a financial crisis, and then to today's rapid development, each step is depend on the staff unite as one fighting hard, down-to-earth, came up, he was deeply gratified.

He pointed out that there have been at any time warp/weft company not afraid of difficulties and overcome difficulties of courage and confidence, tradition has remained, and accumulated a lot of valuable experience, but also created the "national hi-tech enterprise", "national high and new technology products" such as honor in the history of a number of brilliant, a batch of scientific research achievements obtained national invention patent and utility model patents, products have been throughout the domestic and foreign markets. Then he stressed that the rapid development of the company, thanks to the enterprise based on rotary bearing production advantage, with innovative thinking and innovative means, gradually extend the product diversification, new building companies in the industry and market positioning; Benefiting from the development of the enterprise, we should give full play to the advantages of school-enterprise alliance, and take the lead in expanding market space with advanced technology and innovative achievements. Thanks to the company's emphasis on improving employees' spiritual life and material treatment, we constantly create a friendly, harmonious and pragmatic corporate culture atmosphere.

He also specifically said that as the company in production and operation of new energy and military industry market each work comprehensive advancement, has now formed a set of slewing bearing, slewing drive, intelligent tracking roof plant at an organic whole, high-end good pattern of integration of scientific research and the green industry, the market prospect is optimistic.

When talking about the future development of the company, Yang shihong, the general manager, hopes to put forward four requirements, one is to take root and turn back to support the base industry, and achieve the goal of 50,000 sets per year. The second is to expand the rotary drive and reach the annual output of 40,000 sets; In the next few years, 100 megawatt roof power stations and 300 megawatt track support construction and sales blueprint will be achieved respectively. Fourth, we will strive to create a team of high-quality scientific and technological talents who have a great role in innovation and development.

Finally, Yang said passionately that the decade has passed and the new starting point is at our feet. The road ahead is still a long way ahead, expecting all the staff to join hands and work together again to move forward towards the goal.

11 a.m., celebrate commendation congress ended in the cheerful melody.