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Jingwei takes part in the 2017 international solar energy exhibition

Release date:2017-04-25 Views:237

On April 19, by the international society of solar photovoltaic industry association (ISES), Asia (APVIA), the solar energy industries association (SEIA) and Shanghai new energy industry association (SNEIA) 23 jointly organized by international agencies and organizations, such as "SNEC 11th (2017) international solar industry and pv engineering" exhibition in Shanghai new international expo center grand opening, warp/weft company for the first time at the same time to set both indoor and outdoor exhibition and sent more than 20 professional team attended the event.

Carefully planned, fully prepared.

SNEC solar industry and pv engineering exhibition is in China, Asia, and even the world's most influential exhibition of photovoltaic (pv) of internationalization, specialization, scale, it is reported there will be more than 1600 exhibitors from around the world and nearly 200000 people participate in the exhibition. In order to grasp this important business opportunity, fully display the company's scientific research strength and the latest scientific and technological achievements, realize "green" sharing to benefit the society, the company starts from planning to expand the layout. Company leadership, in conjunction with the technical director, director of sales and other professional personnel, carefully discuss, the most timely and most weight sentiment of the scheme, identify the best invention patents with completely independent intellectual property rights - "all terrain matching linkage tracking photovoltaic stents flexible drive" as the core technology research and development production of "jinwei intelligent tracing support" series of products as the focus, and adopt the stent design and building photovoltaic power station, again through the scene demonstration, experts explain, allow the audience feel directly "jinwei intelligent tracing support" series products of reaction speed, light weight, strong wind, convenient installation, network frame and power system separation subversive huge advantage. Under the command of company leaders and experts personally, after more than two months before the exhibition design and construction, warp/weft company in their own factory building and the roof surface and ground respectively built thousands of square meters and wide coverage, the applicability of the unique "caigang watts roof joint uniaxial tracking photovoltaic power station" and "wrong layer type roof joint uniaxial tracking photovoltaic power station" and "container mobile roof uniaxial tracking photovoltaic power station" and small "caigang watts roof joint uniaxial tracking photovoltaic power station", "agricultural photovoltaic power station" three station of the combined power plant, such as three demonstration projects, which combined power plant for support demo area wide, transportation convenient installation, cover an area of an area small, referred to as exhibits full to the pavilion outdoor exhibition area. In addition, the company also relies on its own industry representative of rotation drive production technology, carefully prepared dozens of sets of different specifications, different USES, bright and high precision tracking slewing reducer along with all exhibitors. At the same time, we also invited the film and television companies to make special films for the exhibition, aiming to show the strong and complete comprehensive strength of jingwei company through the sound painting.

By surprise, the crowd broke

Unexpectedly, it is the most impressive exhibition for the exhibitors. Site can see, latitude and longitude to both indoor and outdoor exhibition company customers in an endless stream, they are "jinwei intelligent tracing support" and high accuracy tracking slewing reducer of the high-end, novelty attract. Indoor rotation drive exhibition area, 3 ", 7 ", 9 "and 12 inches, 25 inches and 14 inches a dozen lie, vertical high precision tracking slewing reducer, line or instance installed on the solar energy, USES a load to heavy machinery, have light volt power plant, and used in military radar, most of them are new products on display for the first time, so attracted numerous audience and old customers home and abroad to watch, and one after another to warp/weft consulting operations staff to understand, to discuss cooperation; In the outdoor photovoltaic bracket exhibition area, the newly developed photovoltaic power station "jingwei intelligent tracking support" series products by jingwei company is the most powerful and the most popular imagination. 19, the first exhibition in the day, there is a henan, zhejiang, Beijing and India domestic and foreign merchants to negotiate actively, they are to listen to the warp/weft tracking company experts support the superior performance in detail, after all is very amazing. Henan xinxiang a many years engaged in the photovoltaic power station construction businessmen sincerely said, for the first time see this pv stents, didn't think you do is advanced, and a higher customer interest, in Beijing made a special trip twice in the day to come, progressive type in-depth exchange cooperation. Surprise on the first day of the "appearance" condemned the next day more busy, 20, the pavilion opened the door, warp/weft outdoor exhibition area alone have ushered in South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and other foreign merchants and domestic companies on behalf of xiamen, Shanghai and other places, they gathered in the exhibition, or look up in the container on pv tracking support, or lower the head to read product information, or use their language to communicate with each other, although some language is endless and same, but from all person's facial expression and eye contact is obvious in surprise and admiration. The door 洽谈者 is not I want to you, at the peak of temporary room highlight crowded, warp/weft staff simply remove the part of the negotiation table to outdoor reception, some passing audience saw this scene, have also explore the crowd gathered. The world famous manufacturer Shanghai zhenhua heavy industries group also expressed a keen interest for fabric products, group leaders came to, shi-hong Yang for talks with the general manager, to discuss cooperation, the room inside and outside throughout a busy scene. Although it is expected to attract a lot of customers before the arrival of jingwei company, it is unexpected to have such a great sensation. On the day of the 20th, jingwei company has been tracking the stenting area to receive more than 10 batches of visitors. It is no wonder that in the reception of the short space, the general manager of Yang shihong said to the staff in a short and happy manner that there are too many people and too many people!

According to the rough statistics, during the two and a half days of effective exhibition period, the company received more than 40 batches of visitors, making the most of the exhibition. Many businessmen express a strong desire to visit the company and expect to see the peak again soon.