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Jingwei, University of Science and Technology of China hand painting "concentric circles"

Release date:2017-03-21 Views:309

With fabric with university of science and technology of China successfully signed strategic cooperation agreement, both sides a strong form of "two centers, a base" in the "national high and new technology enterprise" by ma on shan jingwei company listed on the ground. Which marked with "high-end projects, high-end technology and high-end application" as the main direction of "three high" scientific research innovation platform officially incorporated into operation, but also draw a picture to new energy industry as the center of a circle, hand in hand to known universities green "concentric circles".

The form of "two centers, a base" name: "ma on shan warp/weft intelligent tracking technology engineering research center", "ustc institute first solar-thermal photovoltaic field joint innovation center" and "China university of science and technology - ma on shan warp/weft slewing bearing co., LTD., base" industry-university-institute "cooperation". Research projects, technologies and products, such as photovoltaic solar thermal intelligent tracking, which are involved in the research, are extremely high-end in today's industrial field and have far-reaching significance for promoting the development of green energy.

According to the understanding, "two centers, one base" is formed under the premise of superior docking, mutual integration and common development. As China university of science and technology to create a world-class research university's important constituent, USTC advanced technology institute is a part of the cooperation with international characteristics of high technology innovation research and development base and application achievements transformation platform, strong scientific research advantage; With "worm gear drive in anhui province engineering technology research center" and "specialization, new enterprises in anhui province" and other high-grade jingwei company qualification, through years of efforts, now has become a solar tracking supporting industry, with strong scientific research and production ability and the indispensable backbone, carrier. Therefore, the advantages of both sides are highly complementary and the cooperation space is huge. Based on this common understanding, jingwei company and University of Science and Technology of China began to conduct negotiation and field investigation in 2016, and explored the direction of cooperation. In addition, in order to ensure smooth cooperation, warp/weft company also before cooperation agreement was signed, long-term hired within academia has deep theoretical foundation and rich practical experience of school senior professors as technical director, is responsible for the project. After months of negotiations, the two sides finally reached an agreement. According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly build solar tracking technology as the core, radiation more than high-tech project alliance of industry, innovation system, as the extension of the market continuously inject more intelligent protection. At that time, the warp and weft products will have a great leap forward in the application of photovoltaic intelligent tracking and application.