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The recruitment of jingwei company in spring 2017

Release date:2017-02-23 Views:353

The morning of February 22, a nc professional young job seekers to jingwei company, in the rain made a special trip to apply for nc sleeper operators, when told the post personnel already filled, step of remorse for his late, because just yesterday afternoon, the final number has been grabbing others. However, in the company's hr department warmly received and recommended, the candidate was willing to apply for other numerical control positions.

This is more than one case in the company's hiring this spring. Just after the Spring Festival, the largest recruitment in the history of the company began. Nearly twenty different jobs, more than 60 people recruitment number display and competitive remuneration package of the fusion, in the city this year and the spring in the recruitment fair "champions", combined with rising in popularity in recent years, enterprises, warp/weft company so many rush job seekers. Including jiangsu returning, professional and technical personnel have many years of accounting personnel, graduate students, graduate students, there are "job-hopping" skilled workers in the same industry, cadets have asked apprentice, etc. Some of them come from the county, some from the city; Have with the father and son, brothers, to have relatives with him, have friends to attend, everybody rushed to apply for the desired position, the individual post to appear the situation of "not enough", can only choose jobs. Other job seekers worried about the difficulty of finding jobs, first directly to find the production department to reserve a good position to apply for a job, Lin Lin general, is overwhelming.

Jingwei company is such a large-scale recruitment, mainly because of slewing bearing according to the enterprise product demand trends, and the sun can use rotation drive product order identified 2017 with an annual output of 40000 sets, 30000 sets of rotation drive of slewing bearing of extreme growth targets. To cooperate with the company a large number of jobs required to complete to expand the scale of production personnel recruitment, human resources department in years ago began to post recruitment brochure printing, release recruitment information, book fair booth, and a staff with relatives and friends during the Spring Festival comes to propaganda, afterwards has played a good results.

According to fabric company HR, since open for more than ten days, or telephone consultants present more than one hundred people, after the interview or skill appraisal has been successfully employed more than 40 people, most of the jobs have already been in basic saturated state, now only mechanical design and programming, CNC machining centers, CNC vertical lathe, gear shaper, a few jobs are now we adopted, such as average sleeper invites interested parties to apply for.

(The above picture is the spring large-scale job fair for jingwei company.)