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8 employees honored as the "outstanding employee" of the company in 2016

Release date:2017-01-21 Views:343

A year's hard work, all the hardships and hardships. With the coming of the Spring Festival, the 2016 "excellent employees" of jingwei company revealed that eight employees stood out and were honored as "excellent employees" of the year. Among the eight employees, there are technicians who have been engaged in scientific research, party members who have been working on a continuous basis, skilled ordinary operators, and old fitters.

Although their outstanding performance each characteristic, but in the innermost heart, all contain a similarly simple and precious affection, that is the incomparable loyalty to the enterprise. Now let us go to these "excellent employees" to enjoy their positions and feel their sincere feelings!

Woodling: technical research center technician. As the company's key projects - rotary drive device of leading researchers, with a heart of loving one studies assiduously, independent design and development of new rotary drive device, many times to participate in military radar with the worm gear transmission device design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance of work, to improve the assembly process innovation, the entire or to participate in writing the project application for patent and related to science and technology project declaration, its research results and obtained national patent for utility model.

Zhou jia jia: drive workshop assembler. With skilled operation skills, assiduous research spirit, diligent work attitude, tenacious work style. When facing urgent tasks, without pay, regardless of the time, in order to deliver on time, in order to company reputation, several dozens of hours of continuous work, work day and night, until the task complete delivery, the good character of a communist party member.

Liu dong: the production department. "Diligent, hard work and hard work" is the workshop leader's evaluation of him. We have been in the factory for 9 years and have received numerous production tasks. On piecework pay as an ordinary lathe work, in the process to mobilize, never because of piece rate reduce slacking, always put company's interests at heart first, he consistently made him a workshop on technical training of choice.

Jiang maoming: production department tooth quenching operator. I was apprenticed to a factory nine years ago and now I have become a master with rich experience. In the eyes of the leader, he is a good worker who is conscientious, skillful, disciplined and obedient. In the eyes of his colleagues, he is a good workmate who is united and helpful. In the post of light and fire, he expressed the simple feelings of an old employee.

Hou zhengrong: production department pushuang worker. The change of thought and action was the most striking feature of him. From when I first got into the factory to earn money for the purpose, task check-boxes, hard machining product basic don't, then take responsibility as heavy, to follow the arrangement of the workshop, no matter the processing difficulty, unconditional to complete the task. His transformation comes from a growing love of business, from his true understanding of the meaning of work, so it's not what it used to be.

Pan jun: production department nc drilling machine operator. Dedication, earnestness and rigour made him an almost zero reject rate. Every time before start working, carefully examine and verify the drawings and review is his work habits, it is his job to work overtime production emergencies norm, compared to other people, and he didn't "superhuman powers", also have no superhuman, but he has the most valuable spirit, earnest, rigorous.

Zhonglin: the production department, a full - range skill operator. His determination to become a technical expert made him unique and superior. Because of his comprehensive technology, because he has the lowest rate of scrap rate and rework rate among the auto workers, he has deep trust in the workshop. When the production task of the host and export workpiece, the workshop will be given to him to process, every time he can complete, the workshop praised as "the skilled craftsman".

Wu shengan: equipment security department maintenance fitter, annual perianth. After decades of training, he has been a steadfast, conscientious and dedicated work style. Heavily in young group, he is not acting the older employees, not to the old excuse, perennial with young colleagues hard work, especially when performing a difficult task, even if the day and night fighting, never back and stick to become, in the busy post show a hale and hearty spirit.