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"Jingwei brand" reassessment to win "anhui famous brand" title

Release date:2017-01-10 Views:289

Nominated by enterprise voluntary reporting, around the first trial, organization expert evaluation and the social public, such as application, we "fabric" brand through the annual review, 2015-2016, again by the provincial famous brand strategy to promote the committee awarded the "anhui famous brand" title.

Our company has always attached great importance to brand building. General manager Yang shihong has made the deployment of brand building at the company meeting many times, and the departments at all levels have responded positively. The general staff in order to improve the product quality and the core competitive power as the center, continuously improve product quality level and technical innovation ability, and by taking part in an international exhibition, the new company website, WeChat platform, and with the help of mass media methods such as increasing brand publicity, enhance "fabric" brand image and market share, won the society and the public in general. Only in 2016, our company won the "high-tech enterprise", "high-tech products" and "safety production standardization enterprise" and other major honour four, guests reception area research, investigation, cooperation nearly visits, brand creation achievement is well received by people from all walks of life.

To again won the award for the "anhui famous brand", our company leadership said, as a new starting point, continue to vigorously implement quality brand upgrade project, further strengthen the total quality management, carry forward the "spirit", again for enterprise development.