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The company was approved to establish "Anhui worm wheel drive engineering research center"

Release date:2017-01-03 Views:286

At the beginning of the New Year, the first good news came from jingwei company: "anhui worm wheel drive technology engineering research center" was approved by the provincial science and technology department. "Engineering centers" construction contract entry "in anhui province science and technology plan projects management system", warp/weft company will become the province's first in the industry with worm gear drive technology research and development at the provincial level qualification of blockbuster grade enterprise.

To form a "worm gear drive at the provincial level engineering technology research center", is the fabric company in the enterprise key research direction and carry out the future development vision, on the basis of an important step to a higher level of scientific research field. To make rotation drive products occupies an important position in the high-end market, since 2012, jingwei company has the product core elements - worm gear technology research and promotion as the main direction of scientific research, enterprise successively have set up a cooperation for this "maanshan worm gear lever type rotary supporting key laboratory", "anhui worm gear rotary bearing technology engineering research center" and "provincial enterprise technology center", both at home and abroad are investing to acquire advanced production, testing equipment, accurate product orientation and development, has made remarkable achievements. In January 2016, the company adopts worm gear drive technology independent research and development production of "radar with rotary drive device", "emergency rescue robots to use rotary drive device", and "two-axis tracking photovoltaic rotary drive device" was awarded the national patent for utility model at the same time.

According to company Wang Shujun technology vice President, approved to form a "worm gear drive at the provincial level engineering technology research center", is the authoritative department of warp/weft company scientific research strength and the service level and to promote enterprise innovation and development matters. In the next few years, the company will be to "center" as the carrier, deepen the special research, accelerate the speed of integratewith the world advanced technology, build a new highland worm gear drive technology, contributing to the high-end market "fabric" wisdom.