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The two products of jingwei company won the title of "high-tech products"

Release date:2016-12-22 Views:272

Recently, ma on shan science and technology bureau announced the city's "high-tech products" list in 2016, two products of jingwei company are on the list. This is jingwei company following the "double modulus secondary envelope torus worm pair" and "worm gear type rotary bearing products respectively 2012, 2013, province, city" high-tech products ", and two new on behalf of the domestic leading level of scientific research. At this point, the number of "high-tech products" of jingwei company has been ranked among the top of the industry in this city, and has become one of the pioneers of high and new technology.

The fabric company won the "high-tech products" title of the two products are respectively "may withstand the big axial force combined rotary bearing" and "effective prevent broken teeth rotary bearing", both for the company independent research and development. In order to further improve the product application space and the actual performance, the greatest extent to meet the market demand, as early as more than two years ago, warp/weft company was organizing scientific researchers around the study improved traditional supporting some weaknesses, will own essence of technology applied to product research and development of manufacturing, which makes the two product breaks through the traditional rotary bearing market application, comprehensive performance has a qualitative leap, and filled the domestic blank.

It is understood that these two products since July 2014 in the European and American markets and the domestic market, the market reaction is good. After comparison, the customers agree that the "large axial force combined rotary support" has a compact structure, light weight, high manufacturing precision, small assembly gap and stronger bearing capacity. On the basis of the above advantages, the broken tooth rate is greatly reduced. At present, these two products are not only widely used in heavy lifting equipment and engineering machinery, but also used as core components in military products such as military anchoring vehicles.