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New horn for equipment maintenance of jingwei company

Release date:2016-11-26 Views:270

3:30 p.m. on November 26, succession is half an hour, as the deputy chief Zhang Yuyuan commanded, warp/weft company production workshop all machine stopped work, shut off the power, to equipment maintenance.

Machine operator picked up the iron hook and dishcloth, around the machine on the high clear low iron filings, cleaning the guide rail, clear water, wipe machine, injection of new oil, also equipment security personnel involved. After more than an hour of effort, all the equipment was restored. Which is responsible for the gear shaping machine maintenance Gao Yuejin, Kim joon, especially JiZhaoYun performance, according to rolling gear shaper administrator live out Lin, the three of them to maintain the machine from the visual appearance and internal clean up, all win than others, all meet the requirements of equipment maintenance conditions.

As early as in 2013, the company is due to the equipment, make the equipment day, week, month maintenance rules, in every class, every Saturday, and the last Saturday before coming off work a month time, stop production for maintenance. Nearly three years, the company technical transformation and achieved rapid development, new equipment increasing, in order to encourage employees to continue to do a good job of equipment maintenance, give full play to the equipment efficiency and investment efficiency, improve the service life of the equipment and the product quality, in November, warp/weft company set up the equipment security, on the basis of the original maintenance regulations at the same time, added into the new content of rewards and punishments regulation, led by equipment security, the integral evaluation, for three consecutive months has good equipment maintenance personnel, 300-500 yuan reward, punishment shall be 300-300 yuan, conversely, the new measures will not only further enhance employees' JiangQinFaLan responsibility consciousness, will be better for fabric company set up the modern corporate image play a good role in promoting.