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The old stage presents a new face

Release date:2016-11-28 Views:263

The Shanghai bauma (BMW) exhibition, which has held seven sessions so far, kicked off on November 22. Ma on shan jingwei company after before 2014 to participate in the exhibition, this exhibition were invited to appear again this year, and the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, with the exhibitors "competitive", and shows the count with a new outlook, the change and development of the company for two years, meet the exhibition "don't forget to beginner's mind, renew the legend" will be the theme.

In order to open the exhibition, warp/weft company from the booth design, exhibition and product display, etc have made careful arrangement, has the important influence by the international exhibition, achieve the goal of propaganda enterprise, develop the market.

Accordingly, in this exhibition, warp/weft company presented in view of the exhibitors view has not only established in rotary bearing products, more have their independent research and development, the rise in recent years and has attracted great concern of the high-end market rotation drive products. The product exhibition, broke the traditional production pattern of the fabric company for many years, brought the feeling that find everything new and fresh to countries view the exhibitors, attracted numerous merchants from domestic as well as India, Europe and other countries to stop consultation.