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Documents of the delivery of military products of jingwei company

Release date:2016-11-24 Views:343

At 12 o 'clock on November 18th, a city in China is more than 200 kilometers from ma on shan. When the count of overnight delivery products of the company car slowly chi in a military enterprise, the city as "wearing olive green" 28 inches military turned from his chariot driver intact, complete the delivery of that a moment, with car freight enterprise project manager a hanging heart finally down.

For the past few decades, his heart had been hanging in his throat. In order to ensure that get the drive before 19th, he also as the units in the morning and technical personnel, from other place came to "bid" jingwei company site, high value.

So, what magic power did the company use to let the person in charge finally feel relieved and determined? It started on November 16th.

On the morning of the 16th, jingwei company suddenly received notice, because of the urgent requirement of a military unit in the country, the 28inch rotary drive device commissioned by a military industry company to be developed and produced by jingwei company must be delivered in advance. At this point, the device is planned for production, and some parts are waiting for processing, processing and procurement. Another point is that the technical requirements of military products are much higher than that of general products, and they must be adjusted and perfected for a certain period of time. But the most to all relevant personnel tension and anxiety, from now to the delivery of the goods, remove the necessary arrangements and preparations, practical for the available time warp/weft company only 40 hours, the superposition of several factors, advance the time of delivery pressure obviously. Military orders, however, is not slow, once the delivery overdue will be disqualified, more serious may lose is high-end customers, and the glory of the damage fabric company for years to accumulate strength. In the face of such a difficult reality, Yang shihong, the chairman of the army, resolutely made a commitment to deliver the goods in advance. Then, he and the vice President of the branch quickly "platoon", the mission, all the participants with the order, like the soldiers in the parade, began to accept the market "inspection".

This is a review of integrity.

Do what is promised, and keep the promise. This is the most direct and simple understanding of honesty. For many years, jingwei company has been relying on the integrity of a high-quality world. This time, whether the weft will continue to honor the reputation of integrity, not only the heart of each love, but also review the company in the face of great difficulties in the fear of integrity. As military enterprise project director and company leadership communication, weft weft company promises to advance the time of delivery is one of the largest support to us, if pledges, latitude and longitude of the military units, military industrial enterprises and companies are the best show a good faith. If we can't cash it, it will hurt the integrity of our military units, which will affect our cooperation in the future.

It is thus clear that the company is undergoing a rare and rigorous review of integrity.

This is a review of perseverance.

There is no lack of perseverance. Once upon a time, the company leaders for the development of the enterprise, often take pains to travel around the country and foreign markets, this is the strong perseverance; In order to develop new products, technicians often use the time of work to study the subject continuously, which is the determination of innovation. In order to seize the task, the production staff often give up the holiday work overtime, this is the perseverance of the struggle. This time, however, the tenacious and tenacious perseverance of the jingwei people has been shown again. After the early delivery instructions of the company on the 16th afternoon, the curtain of the assault was quickly opened, and the technical center of the main task took the lead in the evening and entered the high-load working state. They in the workshop and inspection personnel, overnight rushed the surplus parts has not been processed individually, car blank, the measurements, the measurement precision, constantly shuttling between lathe and testing center, has done to the parts machining precision measurement fully comply with the design requirements. The next day at work, they are fully loaded into the next part of the preparation, the full strength for subsequent assembly, debugging to win time.

On the night of the 17th, all the parts were ready, and the final assembly began. In technology, under the command of the deputy chief Wang Shujun have been working for more than 10 hours in the day of the technology minister chang-ping zhang, the technician doug woodring, Cheng Liwei immediately transfer "battlefield", again with the competent driver workshop Li Yan, assemblers jia-quan zhou, zhu should be soldiers and others began a new round of competition and race against the clock. Assembly, commissioning, painting, drying, 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours, 25 hours... By 9:30 p.m. on the 18th, when all of the technical test drives were loaded into the delivery truck, several of them had been fighting day and night for 37 hours.

This is a joint inspection.

As the saying goes: people, the mountains shift. This sentence is confirmed once again in the warp and weft. In order to cooperate with the final victory, the company from the chairman to the vice President, from the department head to the operation workers, all of us are in a position to work together. In order to ensure that the parts are not delayed, the production vice President zhang yuyuan requires the production department to cooperate fully and "supervise the war" in person; In order to ensure the quick solution of technical problems, wang shujun, the technical vice President, asked the technicians to keep track of them at any time, and to play the key moment. In order to ensure that individual parts meet the requirements of hardy does not delay assembly, the department manager to print a family in various links to determine the manufacturer, after consultation with each other again and again to hardy accessories from the field to the assembly site overnight. At the last minute of the 18, acceptance testing, deputy chief Wang Shujun, production minister RuiDeJun, technology minister chang-ping zhang, quality department Wang Shubing, drive head Li Yan came, and the technician doug woodring, Cheng Liwei, Liu Tao, assemblers jia-quan zhou, zhu should, guang-jun xia who came also, everyone gathered in the scene, according to complete the final "general". In addition, the new department of energy's summer National Day and the driving ban are also mentioned, and the two of them are also on the scene to drive the drive 200 kilometers to the destination overnight.

The acceptance test lasted from the afternoon to 9pm, and all the field personnel did not leave early because they all Shared the same belief that they would not receive troops if they did not complete the task. Just like that, under the company leadership and staff work hard, it embodies the warp/weft integrity, perseverance and resultant force of military products, after the processing, assembly, testing and transportation after 40 hours of hard fighting, finally complete the delivery.

In retrospect, what kind of magic power did the company use during the raid? The answer is not magic. Because the so-called magic power is the integrity, perseverance and resultant force of the warp and weft. When these three forces combine into one, they become the enduring spiritual strength of the enterprise. With such a strong spiritual strength to support, the ship of the weft will sail the wind and waves, sail away.