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The flower is the butterfly

Release date:2016-11-15 Views:293

At the end of the year, flowers fall. But the flower of the company of jingwei company is still like spring, the fragrance is overflowing, attracted from all sides "wen xiang admire flower" guest. On November 9 solstice13, jingwei company successively received four domestic and international high-end customers, including some famous universities in China and Europe, and set the highest number of customers to visit each week.

Why can jingwei company win the favor of many customers at home and abroad in the fierce market competition? Thanks to their carefully watered "five golden flowers".

One is the flower of ideas. With the deepening of the reform of market economy system, the enterprise management concept must also be brought forth. Therefore, warp/weft company leadership in view of the market dynamics, groped through bold practice, will eventually management concept orientation on "drive development by innovation", and the idea further in every respect of production and business operation, so that the enterprise to present the good situation with abundant alive.

The second is "the flower of technological change". In recent years, in the face of domestic economic downward pressure, the company has never forgotten to build a factory. In order to achieve the ambition of "science and technology enterprise, science and technology enterprises" dream, their production capacity at the expense of some interest, successively out millions of dollars worth of backward production capacity, and has invested more than 2000 ten thousand yuan to technical innovation, make the enterprise more than 90% of the equipment has reached advanced domestic level.

The third is "the flower of scientific research". The occupation of emerging market with new technology and new products is an important initiative of jingwei company. For this purpose, the company every year 30% of their profits to the technology development and research and development equipment purchase, foster new scientific research base of cooperation, make the enterprise develop ability to get a significant boost, the company in addition to numerous technology patents successes, the research and development of rotary drive device has been applied to the high-tech war industry products. In recent days, jingwei company has developed a new talent program, which will be able to make full use of talents in the new energy market.

Four is the "flower of quality". Quality is the life of an enterprise. The company that knows this well will regard "quality first" as its top priority. In order to continuously improve the quality of products, the company requires the production and quality management personnel to strengthen their own quality awareness first, and the system supervision of production and inspection process must be strengthened. In addition, the company also USES the reimbursement professional book to purchase expenses and other means, encourages the employee to improve the operation skill through the study, then creates the perfect quality. Some tricky for customer quality issue, warp/weft company not perfunctory, not discouraged, but through in-depth study, many considerations, actively to improve seriously, and strive for best in quality control technology, product quality therefore increase year by year.

Five is the "flower of integrity". Honesty is the cornerstone of a company's winning the market. For many years, jingwei company insists on the "reputation first, customer first" as the eternal theme to carry on. In order to let customer satisfaction, they pay special attention to, on the basis of product quality, also by increasing the production equipment and perfect the cooperation process, constantly strengthen the strength of delivery and after-sales service guarantee, even if once appear unexpected circumstances, they can benefit, ning don't fold the credibility. As Yang shihong, the chairman, said: "you can't compensate for anything. Integrity in exchange for the new and old customers at home and abroad to the company's loyalty and satisfaction.

The "five golden flowers" blossomed, which not only increased the strength of the company and the growing trend of the company, but also contributed to the fame and popularity of the company. According to statistics, since 2016, the company has received more than 40 domestic and foreign customers (twice), an increase of about 26% over the previous year.