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The warp and weft help secure the country

Release date:2016-11-13 Views:325

On November 1, the news from the scene of the 2016 zhuhai air show, each loaded with the count of rotation drive and the rotary bearing company of domestic military JH - 18 low-altitude surveillance radar, three coordinates "guardian" air vehicle tethered aerostat anchoring cars at the show, showing China's military strength, extensive concern to the people at home and abroad and the mainstream media, to achieve the perfect debut.

The zhuhai air show is full of high-tech products from all over the world. JH - 18 a low three latitude and longitude coordinates surveillance radar is a group of newly developed a high-tech cooperation unit air defense products, is known as "space and an organic whole, through a low sentry", plays an important role in the field of national defense. In order to adapt the radar can maximize combat environment and climate change, the requirement of design core control unit of rotary drive device must have superior performance, greatly superior to domestic production enterprises all rotation drive is a severe test. In order to fight for the defense products, the company undertook the task of the company to help the defense as its own responsibility, to meet the difficulties, and to work hard and hard to solve the problem, and finally completed the task successfully. According to a group's test of the key technical indicators, the rotary drive device produced by jingweft company can withstand the outdoor extreme environment of minus 40 degrees and 50 degrees and operate normally. Able to ensure under 10 times more than conventional speed radar dynamic tracking accuracy and stability, than the service life of the ordinary device extension of 18 years or more, other outline of the testing indexes also fully meet the design requirements.

On November 2, the southern war zone chief visited exhibition show radar, not only attracted by JH - 18 radar high-end appearance, more of the poor and under the condition of high speed maneuvering tracking stability and precision greatly.

The military anchorman in this exhibition will provide the field transfer service for the air guard to carry out the high-altitude maneuver detection and tracking task. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the transfer, a group is very strict with the quality requirements of anchoring. After contrast and technical inspection, they think the fabric company produces the rotary bearing quality more perfect, more can meet the demands of military products, and then choose to install the anchoring car slewing platform, so that the fabric rotary bearing also began to enter military areas, realize the new span, it will be, together with the thread rotation drive continue to write a new chapter for power of national defense construction.