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Characteristic linkage promotes the transformation and development of enterprises

Release date:2016-10-26 Views:271

In recent years, ma on shan warp/weft slewing bearing co., LTD., company with innovation and development as the core, with the development of new energy and European and American markets as the breakthrough point, mergers and reorganization as a new growth pole, characteristic linkage, expand the market, walked out of an actively adapt to meet the market demand, and boost the fabric to the healthy development of the enterprise.

Feature 1: scientific and technological innovation to create intelligent competition.

Since the establishment of jingwei company, scientific and technological innovation has always been the core of enterprise development. Through technological transformation and product research and development, the company promotes the transformation of enterprises from traditional competition to intelligent competition. First, we will strengthen technical reform in the long run. In recent years, the company has invested more than 2000 ten thousand yuan of funds, introduced dozens of Taiwan (sets) of intelligent CNC machining center and sophisticated detection equipment, the vast majority of the domestic first-class, some even reached the international leading level, greatly improve the ability of company production, testing, and the annual output of 30000 sets of photovoltaic power station and military radar with rotation drive products processing capacity, into the high-end market laid a solid foundation for the enterprise. Second, we should strengthen cooperation in industry-university-research and research and development. Company and the anhui university of technology, jiangsu university and other domestic famous scientific research institutes to establish a "torus worm engineering technology research center", "worm gear and worm type rotary supporting key laboratory", implementation technology. At the same time, the company also plans to spend 30% of its annual profit on the r&d and purchase of r&d equipment, such as the rotary drive comprehensive performance test equipment. Company for high-end market research and development of the "double modulus secondary envelope torus worm pair", "envelope torus worm helical rotary drive device" respectively "anhui science and technology research achievement award" and the provincial and municipal science and technology progress third prize, 18 research achievements are obtained national invention patent and national utility model patent license. Through continuous innovation, the company has won "national hi-tech enterprise", "private technology enterprises in anhui province" and so on more than 20 honorary science and technology, has been designated by the state ministry of science and technology to undertake development and production of annual output of 12000 sets of worm gear type rotary supporting projects.

Feature 2: the development of the new energy market by the company.

Photovoltaic power generation is an emerging industry in recent years. According to domestic and foreign industrial policy planning, its development potential is huge. In order to grasp this market opportunity, the company takes the self-transformation, the dislocation development, the connection with the high end of the attack mode, inlining the development of the new energy market. Inline: the company set up special "new energy group", together with professional experience in the sales staff bear market development task, through the south north to visit customers, show high domestic specifications of solar energy, actively seeking cooperation space, has obtained certain achievements. At present, the company has established a rotary drive cooperative relationship with 14 enterprises in China, and a number of large-scale photovoltaic power station development enterprises have also come to the survey, and reached the preliminary cooperation intention. In addition, the military industry market, the company is also expanding products used in the field of military anchor car and military radar, the company independent research and development of the 17 inches, 28 inches of rotation drive through a radar research institute after the strict standard acceptance, consign is used, and is deep the customer praise. Outside: foreign companies to use the solar energy fair opportunity, participants will display form a complete set of independent research and development of new energy device, especially in Germany this year lnterSolar international exhibition, warp/weft rotary drive device by countries such as Britain, Poland, Denmark, traders, and established production and marketing cooperation with some famous company. In addition, the chairman of the company and vice President of sales often visit customers overseas, facilitating communication and communication between manufacturers. The company is also rated as an excellent supplier by two American and European users.

Characteristic 3: merger and reorganization plan new growth.

Over the years, the product casting parts of jingwei company have been purchased from other foundry enterprises, due to the uneven quality of products, which has restricted the production efficiency to a certain extent. To break the bottleneck restricting, eliminate the enterprise needs, and further innovation of economic growth pattern, bigger and stronger enterprise, in May this year, warp/weft company merger and reorganization, cooperative development, has formed the automatic epc, precise injection molding and CNC precision manufacturing, a total of six production lines of haixin precision machinery co., LTD. The establishment of the company, not only for fabric company as well as peer enterprises "solar tracking power slewing reducer" provides the high quality castings, but also for the war industry, automobile, machine tools and other industries to provide quality high-end precision casting processing services. After the company, annual sales income is 100 million yuan, and profit tax 20 million yuan, so that the fabric formed a set of independent research and development, independent production, independent sales for the integration of complete industrial chain, has injected new vitality to the development of the new fabric company.