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Golden autumn leaves in October

Release date:2016-10-24 Views:355

Autumn in the autumn, the fragrance of red.

Just after 12:00 noon, the activity room of the jingwei company is lively, the sound of the ball, talk of laughter. I walked in and saw that a group of employees were practicing. In front of the pool table, eight or nine people compete with each other. Next to the table tennis table, two young men are also in the fight, the two men with the ball, the right and left bow, you push me, no matter. When we play the game, the crowd will not forget to cut up the gag and laugh, which is a harmonious and joyful scene.

This activity room is the company after the National Day this year, for the staff to exercise, leisure and specially opened, the pool table also just acquired. In this more than 50 square metre, clean and bright activity indoor, white wall droplight air conditioning floor tile decorates a complete, especially imitate the big diameter disk condole of the shape of turn support shape, through a heroic spirit.

Walking out of the activity room, I stood in front of the office building, with three flags waving in the air, and the new office building that I just put into use in October was very nice and beautiful after the rain. In the front right of the new building, the early office building in the same garb, with her corner, was like a relative, quietly telling her about the past.

As an employee of the company, at this moment, I had a sudden idea: why not record this warm scene with words and pictures and the new changes that have taken place today? ! What a pleasant thing it would be!

Now, I just picked up the camera, in this autumn to enjoy a walk "by the" string "weft" spiritual experience, if you are interested, please follow my words and pictures, to feel the count of "face" bring us pleasure.

The "folds" on the ground are gone.

In September this year, every time I walk into rotary bearing finished goods warehouse, can easily see the ground chunks of mottled and with sand burying ground level ground, waste of supporting pile in scattered on the ground, staff canteen has been temporarily placed in here, these are like full of wrinkled face, light dim.

In order to change this kind of appearance, full set up modern enterprise image, the chairman of the board of directors of the company shi-hong Yang personally planning direction, the starting in June this year, a construction, renovation and adjustment as the content of enterprise "beauty" project, finished goods warehouse and drive the workshop was included in the category. In order to ensure the construction quality and progress, the chairman of Yang shihong often visited the site to supervise the inspection and dispatch the command.

Today, when I walk in here again, I see another scene in front of me, "the horizon is like the mirror, the road is straight as the arrow, the goods are like piles". Temporary canteen at the southwest corner of the disappeared, replaced by the capacious and bright, reasonable planning, equipment put orderly spray paint room and have a "salt fog corrosion test" and so on a number of laboratory detection of rotation drive comprehensive performance; The woodworking house that used to support and the original corner disappeared, replaced by the bright color, dry clear, the broad corridor that flows smoothly. Standing at the corner of the wall, the 5000 square meters panoramic view, I was delighted to find that the "fold" on the ground was gone.

See here, perhaps you will ask, the canteen is gone, how to solve the staff dining? Ha ha, don't worry, please follow me.

The culture of science and technology is stronger.

From the finished goods warehouse out of 10 meters, came to a new office building of high layer, a colleague of coming to see me in the photo, then take the initiative to come forward to tell me: "the first floor to the south at the end of September was first built test center, don't look down upon this only 40 duopingmi's room, it's gathered the current sophisticated detection equipment". Actually these I already know, but in the words of his with full pride "temptation", I still can't help but the window and looked, and spotless, 24 hours, constant temperature and humidity room to accommodate the physical and chemical testing, ultrasonic testing, metallographic specimen cast ground nearly 10 units such as precision instruments, especially sitting in the middle of the field of three coordinates measuring instrument, is the international top. The colleague then said to me, "the tri-coordinate measuring instrument has improved our company's detection technology to the top level." Indeed, because the device is worth nearly a million, it contains the most advanced 3d detection technology, which can be used to scan and accurately measure products. What I want to say is that this also reflects the perseverance and determination of the technology companies of jingwei company, which also reflects the responsibility and responsibility of the weft people to the customers.

Just as I turned my back, the red "restaurant" in the hallway came into my sight, and the canteen you care about appeared in front of me, but now it's a restaurant! Entering the hall covered with glazed floor tiles and bright Windows, I saw dozens of new stainless steel dining tables set apart. Surrounded by white walls, there are posters of the cultural placards and catering culture of the dining hall. From downwards see again, central air conditioning, ceiling fans, LED lighting, flykilling lamps, pools and the electric tank, etc, they are like scenery quietly waiting, waiting for the employees to body and mind to enjoy the happy meal.

To gaze out of the restaurant, I once again "test center" and "the restaurant" two characters, one kind of joy from the bottom, the two were irrelevant in this meeting, the name of the if experience carefully, don't show it is a combination of science and liberal arts? !

You may already feel a little bit of joy here, but don't go away because there are more surprises in October. I don't believe you follow me upstairs.

In the new conference room, the red wood chairs and chairs are elegant and elegant. Calligraphy, Chinese painting, the spirit of the spirit, is the humanities; It is equipped with fashionable, 2000 watt LED lamp covering roof, which is modern plus technology.

New drawing-room, Chinese style sofa lean on a wall and put, background landscape "sunrise", "chrysanthemum patterns" expressing feelings, "guest is like the cloud to" hope, "accommodation" universal "pretty breeze where". Everything is so humane, so harmonious.

At the center of the new technology, 18 LED lights, such as 18 technology patents owned by jingwei, illuminate every corner of the room. Dozens of technical personnel together here, I saw them in a short while facing the computer keyboard, mouse click, concentrate on making 3 d graphics, production technology, numerical control program, and get together to discuss problems, communication technology scientific research atmosphere is very thick, deserves to be "enterprise technology centers recognized by the province," and "base" industry-university-institute "cooperation". It is no wonder that jingwei can obtain more than 20 national and provincial science and technology honors such as "national high-tech enterprise" and "anhui private science and technology enterprise". No wonder there were dozens of scientific discoveries in nine years. It is no wonder that in just four years, many new products have been applied to new energy and military fields. Look at these high professionalism and full of enterprising spirit and technical personnel, I feel that, beyond all reasonable doubt that just now, the future, using new scientific research achievements to release as their ingenuity and endless.

I am deeply touched by the feeling of the scene. Today, the intersection between classical and modern, the intersection of science and technology and humanity, how wonderful!

I have seen the "reconstruction", and I have enjoyed the "new" and the last stop of jingwei. I will go to the production workshop with the roar of the machine. What will it look like after the adjustment?

Clustering is more productive.

Along the workshop aisle, I walk and shoot, replanning the adjusted new scene one by one revenue lens. In the tens of thousands of square meters of old and new ground, I not only saw the trucks carrying the products with the roar of the shuttle; Not only do the skilled workers operate in front of new equipment; Saw after the expansion of the liu, the ground to spare, has erected running a CNC machining center, CNC drilling machine, CNC gear hobbing machine bed, 2.5 meters, 3.5 meters large diameter gear shaping machine and other advanced equipment, they according to the cluster distribution function, the scale, quantity and appearance, show strong contingents. These new devices provide strong hardware support for the innovation and development of jingwei.

Full of passion in me, when pushing the shutter on the spot, several attracts thousands company customers into my lens, I saw they asked, by watching them also from time to time taken out his phone and equipment and products, air midstream shows surprise and praise. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I stepped forward and asked one of the clients how I felt. He assured me that the company had strong equipment and technical excellence. Wang Shujun at this moment, accompanied by customers of the vice President also said time to introduce to the guest, by adjusting the layout to add new equipment, the company production capacity increase, more than a year now produce slewing bearing 10000 sets, 10000 sets of rotation drive, and the processing quality is more precise than ever before.

As the guests left the workshop, I went straight to the door of the company, looking at the new look. At this time a gust of autumn wind, I can not help feeling: the autumn wind is now again, changed face.

To avoid tendril branches word language, write here, in this autumn "jingwei" should also be over, but I am still have a lot of pure or "depth" scene said no written, as into the shade, hard to avoid some regret. It was a great relief, however, because I had the pleasure of seeing so many of them, and enjoying the exhilaration of the heart, which made me hope for what I had done. I believe, perhaps November, perhaps December, may not be long, the latitude will bring you my new joy, and then, I will invite you again to walk again.