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A picture of WeChat

Release date:2016-10-12 Views:310

The preface of the story: speaking of worm wheel, insiders are familiar. For jingwei company, worm wheel is the core component of their rotary drive products, and its processing quality is directly related to the precision, efficiency, life and cost of the whole device. To this end, the company that has always been surpassing the spirit has been accelerating the pace of learning, research and master the foreign advanced worm wheel processing technology, with a view to benefiting the enterprise and benefiting the customers. The story we are going to tell you today is from the photo below.

On the morning of September 30, 2016, at 6 o 'clock in the morning, I opened my mobile phone to browse WeChat as usual. My colleague, the count of company technician doug woodring WeChat photo caught my attention: see in the picture, three coordinates surveyor Liu Tao forehand grip control handle, melee leaning detection on the stage of the worm gear, but next Wang Shujun standing vice President and a invited experts was intently staring at everything in sight. Looking at the three intently, they seemed to have forgotten the existence of time.

In line with the company's publicist's duties, I went to work at eight o 'clock, and I found woodrin. After my repeated questioning, the shy little friend showed me several other photos of the scene at the time, and a story behind them.

The time was fixed on the evening of September 29th.

On this night, warp/weft company test center of bright lights and interior atmosphere appeared nervous and orderly, and at the moment, the deputy chief Wang Shujun with technical center several technical personnel overtime overnight study foreign advanced worm gear processing technology. Wu Lin, liu tao and zhang dong are three young technicians working on the study. The average age is only 24. Although they are not very young, they can learn to study well, but they have a good understanding. Liu tao, who recently received professional measurement skills training, is mainly responsible for 3d detection and data statistics. He was trained to manipulate the measuring instrument, constantly changing the direction of the scan and measuring the Angle, and then looking at it for a while, recording the data for fear of missing a detail; Woodling, a senior technician in the technical center, has been involved in the research and development of the company's patented technology and new products. According to woodling, a set of scientific and reasonable processing technology is essential to product quality. His task tonight is to adjust the technical parameters according to the test data provided by liu tao and make it closer to the foreign advanced processing technology indicators. Picture, I saw doug woodring countersunk face out of which all drawings, carefully analyzed and discussed with experts, can feel, at the moment Carl woodring head are brewing a new technical parameters; Zhang dong, the youngest programmer, used to be a skilled CNC machine operator, and later relied on his own efforts to master numerical control programming. On Liu Tao and Carl woodring busy at the same time, he also on standby in the office, the task is the programming and processing, when he get new processing parameters, and immediately began to write programs, after the actual processing again, looking at his programming BiZouLongShe sophistication, you might think that he was a chap who only 20 years old. So tense and tedious round down, tired has clearly written on their faces, but they did not stop the hands of the work, but repeatedly find gap, calculation and programming, test and inspection, until finally completed the task scheduled to end work. By this time, the clock had been pointing to more than 10 p.m.

Through micro letter again, I suddenly felt this picture tells a story that only not just, also reflects the many remarkable memories behind, because in the fabric company technical personnel, far more than just a case of a similar story. In the office, it is always possible to see the technical staff learn from each other and communicate with each other. On the operating table, we can often see the technicians assemble the products in order to feel the experience. At the research and development site, we can often see technicians working overtime. Can say that every new products of the company, the successful development of the success of every new technology applications, not only reflects the company leadership of strategizing, also embodies the every technical personnel's work and pay.

"You can sleep on your bed after a busy day" -- this is the message from woodling sent WeChat messages. In this sentence, I not only felt his hard work and laughton, but also felt the ease and relief of his task, and felt his responsibilities and responsibilities. I hope that he and his colleagues in the technology center can get a good night's sleep, and hope that their scientific research will get longer and longer.