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The night lights up the tongs

Release date:2016-09-28 Views:387

At 17:30 on September 26, people from the office of jingwei company began to step out of the factory gate. And at this point, a few yards from the company, the count of galvanic pincette class five fitter master but also in a tense selflessly busy, they led by deputy chief Zhang Yuyuan, or use the crane, or use the shoulder and hand, is a 3.5 meters and 2.5 2 meters slotting machine loading installing site transferred to the company.

Darkness enveloped the earth gradually, transit site due to no illumination dark down, abnormal weather of autumn night also lack of the cool, they can only use the moonlight and light, flashlight lighting carefully lifting, handling. Rampant mosquito bites on their skin, the sweat drenched their clothes back more than once, also didn't eat dinner, and already can not consider these five master, they just want to the task must be finished before tonight plan and shall not affect the subsequent installation tomorrow. Busy time at 9 in the evening, in the main part 3 device finally transfer finished, Chen, Feng Junlin, Wu Shengan, Zhang Chen, the five Jia Zhentao have been working for 14 hours master of the bench to put down their tools and rushed back home to rest your supper, because the second day early in the morning and the new task is waiting for them.

In fact, this kind of overtime is not a two - day, two - day affair for the tongs. As early as in July this year, because of the floods caused many sets of equipment in the factory by rain soaked, galvanic pincette class began to full play, for nearly a month early to late go overtime inspection and maintenance for the damage to the machine tool by Taiwan, make the equipment in the shortest time back to normal operation.

From August to mid-september, the company adjusted the layout of the equipment to expand the capacity, while adjusting the layout of the equipment, and the two tasks fell on the head of the tongs. In order to complete the task, monitor Chen first, lead the class staff give up rest day go all out to the installation of new equipment and the migration of the old equipment, the Mid-Autumn festival also took only one day, three days finally finish the plan.

However, such busyness is not over. On September 20, monitor Zhang Chen Chen and team members got a more difficult task, as deputy chief Zhang Yuyuan in liaoning wafangdian disassembly transport a 3.5 meters and 2.5 2 meters big gear shaping machine tool, and require the equipment back to the company before 28. , Chen lover brain hemorrhage caused by the bike fell to receiving treatment in hospital, he asked for a few days off to take care of in the hospital, but after receiving task, Chen has no excuse, but immediately consult with his family, the love in the home to take care of family, is to the destination on time. Upon arrival in order to save time, they choose to nearby accommodation, in order to complete the task as soon as possible, they arrive at 7 o 'clock every morning with a total removal of field work, in dry until the end of more than 8 PM, overcoming the water, eating habits, such as difficulty, continuous working more than 12 hours a day. And in the company of three other bench master have not been idle, 60 Feng Junlin and nearly 60 years of Wu Shengan two master regardless of their older, also regardless of work and rest day, every day and in the team of young people strongly flow sweat, horizon, crossed for equipment arrival, etc. A lot of preparatory work.

Late on September 25, 3 machine tools at last two days ahead of schedule back to the company, on the evening of 10 more minutes, with zhang Chen, Zhang Chen total return to the company to lay down their luggage, regardless of the journey, and immediately and have been in the company waiting galvanic pincette class fitter personnel ready to put into the vast darkness...