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Technical transformation of jingwei company has reached a new high

Release date:2016-09-23 Views:266

Maanshan jingwei rotary support co., LTD. Technical transformation to a new high. Recently, they spent nearly ten thousand yuan purchase of international top measuring equipment - sea, kang "bridge three coordinates measuring instrument" debugging is completed, the first test is successful, officially joined the company production, becoming the area surrounding the few have the equipment.

Sea, kang company is the world's leading supplier of planning, measurement and visualization technology, as a world-class ultra-high precision technology model, they made with the highest accuracy standard of the industry "bridge three coordinates measuring instrument", to make all kinds of precision and complex shape and high precision, high performance size parts of three dimensional measurement tasks, make it become the real measurement center. Latitude and longitude as relying on science and technology innovation and development of the company, also is committed to the high-standard requirements products, after years of technical renovation, business intelligence level under the good situation of received a significant boost, warp/weft company did not meet the status quo, but as always grasp the technological upgrading, and aiming at top science and technology at home and abroad, to improve technical level and level, in the recently invested millions of yuan to buy more than one with a title of "national gold medal product" domestic first-class CNC machining center, and actively raise funds to purchase the international superior "bridge three coordinates measuring instrument", thus forming the product from machining precision to high standard link detection technology, intelligent raised for the enterprise to create a new high again.

In addition, in order to ensure the equipment measuring data is precise, warp/weft investment company also new to the test center of independent sites, 24 hours to change dust-free space management and constant temperature and humidity control, and set up a professional organization strict training of technical personnel operation. Predictably, with the subsequent use of the equipment, will be to improve the efficiency of enterprise production, optimization of product performance, improve product quality and meet the demand of high-end market to provide more advanced and reliable intelligent protection.