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Tengqing, the leader of the county, conducted the survey

Release date:2016-09-02 Views:277

On the morning of September 1, the head of the county committee of the county committee and deputy county magistrate of the county committee of the CPC committee of the county committee of the CPC committee of the CPC central committee of the CPC central committee of the CPC central committee of the CPC central committee of the CPC central committee of the CPC central committee of the communist party of China (CPC).

Research conference, to our chairman TengQing shi-hong Yang ask for details of the fabric development company in the near future, under the environment of economic recession, to our company adhere to the innovation and development, improve the independent capacity, expand the market in the field of practice and performance to be highly praised, also for our company through the merger and reorganization "physical fitness" and "outreach" coexistence and win-win concept and idea give full affirmation. When we in the first half of this year output rose 20% from a year earlier were risen, TengQing very delighted, she said, I every year to warp/weft, every time he comes to see the new development and new changes, overcoming adversity, warp/weft company through self transformation and independent research and development, has obtained the encouraging result, especially photovoltaic tracking system research and development, fills my county a blank in the field of new energy form a complete set, want to continue to carry forward courageously to jingwei company, strives for realism the innovation spirit of The Times to be the first to make the enterprise growing, to a broader market. Tengqing also pointed out that the development of the warp and weft is a good model, which can be referred to as "the warp and weft pattern", which should be popularized in the enterprises of our county.

Research, TengQing difficulties in fabric development is also very concerned about, listening to our company put forward the implementation of the financial support policy, improve the environment road after several need government help to solve the problem, then, in conjunction with the analysis of the relevant departments responsible person present reasons, to discuss the solutions, and ask them to pay attention, the key to solve. Teng qing finally stressed that whether the government service lags behind, directly related to the survival and development of enterprises, the pace of government service must keep pace with the pace of enterprise development.