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Subsidiary of mingyang group co., LTD.

Release date:2016-08-25 Views:327

On August 25th afternoon, China (guangdong) MingYang group subsidiary - loesch dexing sun new energy technology co., LTD general manager ning, chief technology officer Ren Fei to fabric inspection, the chairman of our company strong Yao Ran shi-hong Yang, deputy general manager, Wang Shujun accompanied by reception, etc.

China (guangdong) mingyang group co., LTD is one of the three listed companies in China's wind power industry, ranking the top three in the industry and the top eight in the world. Dexing sun new energy technology co., LTD is the subsidiary of MingYang group, is China's leading high concentrated solar equipment suppliers, is committed to using a more gallium arsenide solar battery as the core components of high concentrated solar photovoltaic power generation systems products (including chips, modules, etc.) and the overall solution of research and development, design, production, sales, operations and services. The company's visit is aimed at further understanding the production scale, technical capacity and market situation of jingwei company through on-the-spot investigation, so as to find space for in-depth cooperation in the new energy field.

In the seminar, our leaders listen to loesch ning is xing, general manager of sun new energy company long-term development planning and project planning, technical requirements, and so on and so forth, separately to introduce the guests to the fabric company scale of production, marketing and product development, and with guests communication market expectations; At the scene of the production, our company leadership shows guests jingwei company independent research and development production of various types of solar energy special rotation drive and the rotary bearing products, product technical performance and one by one, cause visitors keen interest, and constantly taking pictures, said after return to make a serious study of fabric products, in order to achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.

The two sides also made a preliminary investigation of the itinerary.