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Jingwei company radar with rotary drive smoothly through the military enterprise acceptance

Release date:2016-08-20 Views:268

On the afternoon of August 20th, after a strict inspection by the technical personnel of a military enterprise, the 17-inch radar used by jingwei company was successfully passed the acceptance inspection.

The military enterprise mainly produces military radar equipment, so the local parameters and overall accuracy requirements of the components are very high. After comparing the market research and the company's qualification, they chose jingwei company as the supplier of rotary drive device, and commissioned a batch of 17-inch radar rotary drive device. After receiving task, warp/weft company rapid organization capable force, against their technical requirements and a number of special research design indexes and since then, and take advantage of the superior production and testing equipment, elaborate processing, assembly and debugging, finally finish the production task. Experience collection and testing, product specifications including special requirement parameters meet technical conditions and acceptance outline requirements.

It is also known that the military enterprise has recently delivered a rotary drive device for 28 inches of radar used by jingwei company. At present, the product has been tested and can be put into production after the sample has been confirmed.

The following figure is the acceptance site.