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City leader ji xiang came to our company for investigation

Release date:2016-07-30 Views:308

On the afternoon of July 28, the standing committee of ma 'anshan municipal committee and vice mayor ji xiang braced the hot summer to investigate the progress of supply-side reform in our company. Deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, xu daocai, deputy director of the municipal commission of economic trust, wang huang, and wei bangjun, chairman of the committee of the county committee, and wei bangjun, director of the administrative committee of the economic development zone, were accompanied by the investigation.

JiXiang thorough production workshop, examined the safety production situation, and to stand in the front line of high temperature fabric of condolence to the employees, also is very interesting to watch the rotation drive product assembly process. At the scene to listen to our chairman Wang Shujun is demostrated tracker shi-hong Yang, deputy general manager and other new technology product development and market development report explains, JiXiang on our concept innovation, product development, market development and and big business docking approach gave high praise and affirmation, at the same time, encourage enterprises to continue to strengthen technical innovation and market development, to add to the power of the innovation and development. Jixiang also put forward constructive Suggestions on how to enrich the leisure and cultural life of employees.

Then JiXiang a line on the supply side reform this topic discussion with our company leadership, detailed report Wang Shujun shi-hong Yang and deputy general manager, chairman of the us on the supply side in the reform of enterprise short board, through the merger and reorganization, the implementation of technical renovation, reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency of some practices and ideas. Jianxiang confirmed it, and hoped that the company will continue to carry out the innovation development as normal. JiXiang stressed that the reform of the supply side is the inevitable outcome of the economic development to a certain stage, the enterprise must closely around reform goals vigorously implement the strategy of innovation, innovation to the creation of supply and demand led to supply, further enhance the enterprise core competitiveness. At the same time, he also asked the relevant departments of the accompanying research, first, to organize the enterprises of the city to study and promote the supply-side reform experience of jingwei company as soon as possible; Second, we will further improve the service work of enterprises, implement relevant supporting policies, and help enterprises solve the problems of production and operation, and help enterprises to make greater efforts.