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Jingwei company "rotary drive" won three patents

Release date:2016-07-15 Views:270

Recently, warp/weft company research and development of "two-axis tracking photovoltaic rotary drive device", "rescue robot with a rotation drive" and "radar with rotary drive device" also won the state intellectual property office of patent license. This is the three new patents awarded by jingwei company after winning three national patents and 12 utility patents. At this point, the company has received 18 patents.

Jingwei company since its inception, always adhere to the "science and technology enterprise, science and technology enterprises" strategy, focus on the pulse of the market, constantly using new technology, new technology transformation and improve the traditional products and the depth of the implementation technology + + market integration and upgrading of products, make it more practical and new type and marketization, and also make the company patent achievements in recent years at an average annual growth rate is almost four. The patented three scientific research achievements, warp/weft, photovoltaic robot emerging market new energy market and radar when using traditional rotary drive device of "short board" and "have", and to improve and perfect of the.

According to the patent technology, according to the details as the 3 patents products market use, will be in a large extent, improve the emergency rescue robot, photovoltaic power generation and the use of radar precision, efficiency and life span, reduce the cost. At the same time, it also marks a more mature step towards the high-end market.