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The jingwei company visited the flood fighting and flood fighting personnel

Release date:2016-07-13 Views:262

Morning of July 12, my company a line of 6 people in Indian family manager, led the drive to dangtu county flood control and flood fighting, on behalf of warp/weft company visit condolences there hold levee huangshan mountain community, flood control and flood fighting and consolation money on food.

Since the beginning of July, our city has been hit by heavy rain and heavy rain, which has resulted in the accumulation of water and waterlogging. Our company has not been spared, and the flood control and flood control situation is very serious. In the face of natural disasters, our company is actively organizing internal rescue and rescue, as soon as possible to resume production, and digest orders; On the other hand, the heart river levee of flood control and flood fighting day and night guard personnel, worried about their food and clothing changes in temperature, and quickly bought milk, instant noodles, cake, green tea, mineral water and rice porridge, such as food, prepared solatium, will himself into the hands of flood prevention workers, bring them the warp/weft affectionate greetings, also brought the count of people fall gratitude.