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The rotary speed reducer developed by jingwei company has entered the solar thermal power market

Release date:2016-07-02 Views:255

From June 16 to 17, 2016, the conference of China international photothermal power station and CSPPLAZA2016 will be held in Beijing on the theme of "new journey • new blueprint", and the company is invited to attend the conference.

Conference centered environment, solar-thermal power plant development and policy issues related to carried on the thorough discussion, new energy, national energy administration Kong Tao under the state council, the national development and reform commission deputy director of the institute of energy Wang Zhongying, office of special researcher xu xd hydropower planning and design institute, vice President of the Yi Yue spring electric power planning and design institute, vice President of the Sun Rui related leaders to attend this meeting, and the macro environment problems such as the latest situation of the demonstration project of field for the share.

This year, by the count of developing high precision rotary reducer formally enter the solar-thermal power generation market, our company now has with many new energy companies to cooperate, the two sides in a consensus and innovation under the premise of cooperation of mutual benefit, hope that the future can obtain good development in the field of thermal power generation.