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Ma shaohua, vice mayor of ma 'anshan city, visited our company

Release date:2016-02-16 Views:252

On the morning of February 16, maanshan, deputy mayor Ma Shaohua KanQingHe and ma on shan technology bureau deputy director, deputy head of dangtu Song Bing line of latitude and longitude to the research, the chairman of the board of directors of the company accompanied by Wang Shujun shi-hong Yang, vice President.

Chairman Yang shihong first introduced the photovoltaic power generation experimental power station of jingwei and the rotary speed reducer which is used, indicating that this will be the project of our company's future. Vice mayor ma shaohua has a certain understanding of this, and said that photovoltaic power generation is a new industry, and the prospect is very big. We hope that we can study the technology and intensify the development.

This year, our company's photovoltaic (pv) and solar thermal tracking power generation rotary speed reducer project has won the title of "small giant" enterprise (cultivation) of maanshan technology. And this is why cities and counties in leaders, their scientific research achievements of warp/weft said sure, and I hope we grasp the opportunity, make good use of "little giant" special funds of the project, develop enterprise.