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Maanshan city science and technology bureau leads a line of research

Release date:2016-01-06 Views:256

On January 6 in the afternoon, maanshan city technology bureau deputy director song bing, and dangtu productivity center, deputy director gao ting a line to visit our company, chairman of the board of directors of the company Wang Shujun shi-hong Yang, vice President accompanied by research.

Chairman Yang shihong first introduced the company's basic situation, main products and market situation, then reported the company's export situation, annual sales, profits tax and so on. Technology bureau leaders said of warp/weft work fully affirmed, in knowledge of the practical problems of the company, deputy director of the song dynasty, enterprise in project construction if any difficulties or require, city bureau will give companies the greatest help. We hope that enterprises can develop better and contribute more to the economic development of our county.